GreySheeters Anonymous

Guidelines for Participation in GreyNet

GreyNet supports a vigorous and positive attitude towards GreySheet abstinence. We share our personal Experience, Strength, and Hope (ESH) on our GreySheet abstinence.

How We Share on GreyNet

  • Qualify by telling what it was like, what happened, and what it's like now with regard to our food addiction and our GreySheet abstinence.
  • Share our ESH on a topic raised by another post.
  • Refer to AA or GreySheet literature.
  • Make GreySheet-related announcements about meetings, events, etc.
  • Ask GreySheet-related questions, such as how to stay abstinent when traveling, etc.
  • Ask for support, such as phone numbers, available sponsors, resources, etc.

What We Avoid on GreyNet

  • Mentioning specific foods by name.
  • Asking questions about the definition of abstinence (discuss with sponsor only).
  • Cross talk which we define as speaking directly to a specific person either by name or an obvious direct reference to their GreyNet post.
  • Naming other members unless we want to congratulate them on their GreySheet anniversaries, thank them for a specific service to the GreySheet community, ask for their contact information, provide their email as a contact person for a GS event, or they specifically give us permission and we explicitly state this in our message.

We Will Be Removed from GreyNet for

  • Attacking other people (Even if we do this privately).
  • Attacking the GreySheet food plan or program.
  • Attacking or harassing the GreyNet Moderator.

When in doubt, or if we have any questions about these guidelines, we email the moderator before we post: