GreySheeters Anonymous

Writer #11:

WEDDING FIRST DATE NMW: I knew not a soul ... was abstinent about 3 minutes ... at a heavy drinking wedding first date ... it may not have been exactly the first date, but close enough. I bought food at B---- & Circus to bring to this wedding since they guy I was going with wouldn't find out what they were serving for a meal. Sitting across a big round table from the loudest mouth in the room. YOU BROUGHT YOUR OWN FOOD TO A WEDDING????? he asked. Yes, I replied. I was mortified. but abstinent. And I never saw any of those people ever again. Thank God. JOB INTERVIEW LUNCHEON NMW: w'd and m'd while interviewing for a job. oh yes, that was priceless. I had to drive 2 hours to get to this place ... the person who saw me doing it never said a word, and the other guy was oblivious ... and yes, I got the job! FIRST DATE WITH CURRENT BEAU NMW: four years ago ... went to a place in Taos for lunch ... I sat him down before we left, showed him my scale, told him what I'd have to do...he asked, "Do you mind if I have dessert or X?" No, I said. "Let's go," he said. While there, my salad arrived before his, and after I'd painstakingly measured/weighed my salad, he had the nerve to pull a piece of green off my plate. "You can't do that," I told him. "I can't let you do that. I have to have every single thing on my plate." Wow, he told me later that he said to himself, this is going to be different.