GreySheeters Anonymous

No Matter What

Writer #5:

BIGGEST NMW: With some guy in Brown's in the U.K. First date asking for another 8 oz. of veg because it only came to 7.9 oz and I did not want to get out my back up and I knew he could afford it. FIRST MASSAGE WORKSHOP NMW: Lunch was at 12 midday. I had finished my breakfast at 9am and so when we were due back at 1pm it was my lunch time. I had to ask the teacher if I could eat while he was demonstrating foot massage (not on me) and to watch the eyes of the curious while I tried to eat my food in a relaxed and slow manner as suggested. UNCOMFORTABLE NMW: With a group who had been strangers only 4 days previously on a Dance of Universal Peace camp, with very judgmental AA friend. Coming back to camp after a horrid day at the beach (too much unstructured time with strangers) without checking if I had enough for next meal. Frantic to eat with others (I believed I had to do as much as possible to join in) to discover I did not enough. The man in the next tent -- who was with his girlfriend -- came to rescue and gave me vegetable. Otherwise it could have got dark - this was in 1998 and I have wised up since and gone with the whole lot of GS food. 

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Writer #6:

BIGGEST NMW: Probably the biggest was on my sailing trip last year when I was miserably seasick for days on end, couldn't hold food down and didn't have a way to call anyone. The Captain of the boat was pleading with me to eat Xs and sip soda with sugar. I was imagining that I'd have to be airlifted off the boat and fed intravenously. Fortunately, I had worked out some of these possibilities with my sponsor beforehand - though I had never imagined that it would be as horrendous as it was. But during the whole time, I really got to examine what NMW meant to me. MOST DANGEROUS NMW: My husband and I had spent a long day at Mystic Seaport - much longer than I wanted to be there. I was tired, bored, starving and it was pouring rain. We went to a Chinese restaurant and there was a vegetable on my plate that I wasn't sure was GS. I was pretty sure, but my cell phone was in the car and I just was NOT going to go out and get it. My husband kept telling me I had to call my sponsor and I refused. He went and got my cell phone and dialed her number. The vegetable, it turned out, was on GS - but what was dangerous was my attitude. 

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Writer #7:

HEARTWARMING NMW: I love this story and it could fit into big and embarrassing too. I just think of it so fondly. I was about 5-6 months abstinent. I had a job at the time where I traveled and in this case I was going to a conference in Chicago. I was speaking at a convention for my job. It was huge and I had a teleprompter and someone directing, etc. I was terrified and newly abstinent. I was with people from work and they were supportive, but still didn't really get it. My part was small but because I was part of the "show" and my business was considered an important client of some of these groups, I was asked to sit at the main table with all the VP's from various companies. There went the safety net of the people I knew from work! I went into the kitchen and w and m'd my food and they carried it out for me. I had all this extra stuff I needed in my bag and kept pulling stuff out. This guy sitting next to me was a big (body builder looking) guy who was the VP of AT&T. He was commenting on how well I was taking care of myself and eating "healthy". So as time went on someone dropped their utensil and was trying to get the waitress's attention and the guy next to me yells across the table, "Don't worry about the waitress, she (pointing to me) has everything in that bag of tricks under the table, I am sure she can pull out a utensil for you." UGH. We all laughed... The next day we were all at a cocktail party (this was your basic boondoggle) and a waitress walked up to me with a plate full of snacks and I hear a voice yell from across the room "Don't waste your time with her, she doesn't eat that anything on that tray". Embarrassing? Yah, kind of because I was new, but this guy was a sweetheart and a healthy body building type. I could tell he wasn't saying anything out of malice, which is when I get triggered by it. 

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Writer #8:

1. I remember going camping early on, with another GS'r. We both brought our own food. We took it out and both had a green vegetable, but different variety or something and she said "lets swap pieces" and I about had a heart attack, said, NO. She was shocked, but I kept my food that was weighed and committed. 2. On my second week on GS, my husband and I went to the beach in Charleston. He had to run back to the condo to get my cup. What a sweet guy. He is still that sweet!! 3. For a year my slightly "demented" (as in dementia) Dad lived with us. He is a CO, I know!! But on more than one occasion, he grabbed at either my cut up fruit or raw veggie. I got to smack his fun and grab it back. 4-7. I have eaten late, just before midnight. I have made my meals when sick, thankfully a very rare occurrence! I have backpacked with 3 days food, just grateful for each meal so my pack would get lighter. I have eaten plenty of dirt too...not really enough to go to a day one, however!