GreySheeters Anonymous

No Matter What

Writer #9:

STAYING AT HOME NMWs: I came into GreySheet abstinent on another food plan. My body had started feeling too full and bloated when eating grains and starch so I switched to greysheet and have been back-to-back greysheet abstinent for just over a year. My situation is a little unusual in that I've been mostly homebound this past year and a half. This means I have not eaten out in a restaurant or traveled on greysheet. I have weighed and measured at home in front of guests and eaten different food than they were eating, but I haven't had any really embarrassing moments. I have taken meals with me when I have to be out for any length of time or going, for instance, to a holiday party. I will be eating at a restaurant next Monday and plan to bring my scale and some back-up. For some reason I am anxious about this even though I have lots of experience weighing and measuring in restaurants with my other plan. Greysheet really steps up the expectation and the surrender. 

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Writer #10:

EARLY-ON NMW: The family went down to my mother-in-law' s condo in Florida. My husband had gone out golfing or somewhere and I was taking the two kids to the beach. Daughter was under 3 years old (didn't walk yet...toddled) and son was about 7. I packed everything ... toys, towels, sunscreen, food for them etc. and my w'd&m'd lunch ... thought ... great! I'll eat on the beach. The condo was about a 5 minute walk to the beach. E could walk next to me but I had to hold C...or, very patiently let her attempt to toddle. I was also wearing a tensor bandage on my ankle or something that affected my mobility ... so, if you can visualize, I was carrying an infant, with a kid next to me, beach stuff hanging off my shoulders and like, limping with a bum ankle...etc. etc. Got to the beach and set up. Everyone's happy...I pull out my lunch. I start eating and realized I left part of my protein back at the condo. Because I had started eating, I knew I only had the hour to work with ... didn't have cell phone to make the call. Was I pissed that I didn't have a stroller. And, I have to admit here, I did think about asking some stranger to "watch" my kids!!!! Somehow and with God-given grace, I managed to pack everything up ... hobble back to the condo with the two kids in tow ... and eat my lunch within the hour ... and REMAIN abstinent. 

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Writer #11:

WEDDING FIRST DATE NMW: I knew not a soul ... was abstinent about 3 minutes ... at a heavy drinking wedding first date ... it may not have been exactly the first date, but close enough. I bought food at B---- & Circus to bring to this wedding since they guy I was going with wouldn't find out what they were serving for a meal. Sitting across a big round table from the loudest mouth in the room. YOU BROUGHT YOUR OWN FOOD TO A WEDDING????? he asked. Yes, I replied. I was mortified. but abstinent. And I never saw any of those people ever again. Thank God. JOB INTERVIEW LUNCHEON NMW: w'd and m'd while interviewing for a job. oh yes, that was priceless. I had to drive 2 hours to get to this place ... the person who saw me doing it never said a word, and the other guy was oblivious ... and yes, I got the job! FIRST DATE WITH CURRENT BEAU NMW: four years ago ... went to a place in Taos for lunch ... I sat him down before we left, showed him my scale, told him what I'd have to do...he asked, "Do you mind if I have dessert or X?" No, I said. "Let's go," he said. While there, my salad arrived before his, and after I'd painstakingly measured/weighed my salad, he had the nerve to pull a piece of green off my plate. "You can't do that," I told him. "I can't let you do that. I have to have every single thing on my plate." Wow, he told me later that he said to himself, this is going to be different.

Writer #12:

EATING AWAY FROM HOME NMWs: (1) The first time I measured my food at a restaurant I was in Florida with my brother and his wife. Very little protein in the salad I ordered so I used my back-up small portable proteins. I didn't have them in a container so they kept rolling off the plate onto the floor. (2) Having my GS lunch disappear at work from the faculty refrigerator. I was running around like a mad woman only to find out someone had moved it to another refrigerator. (3) Staying at motels while waiting to move into my RI house, stressful, frantic. Came back one night with my dog. Both exhausted. I found out I didn't have enough oil for my salad so I had to redress and go out again. (4) I still find measuring in front of people in restaurants difficult. People are talking to me while I'm trying to measure my food. Last year while visiting Fairfield, CT, I ate dinner with a friend. The diner manager told me that I wasn't to come back with my own food again. Glad he didn't tell me while I was eating. I'm often looked at with surprise or humor when I'm measuring. Still bothers me, which is why I seldom eat out. I also prefer my GS food.