Area Contacts

People listed here are GreySheeters with at least one year of back-to-back abstinence who have agreed to respond by email within 48 hours. While they are all qualified to be sponsors, some may not be available to sponsor. Male contacts are marked with an asterisk (*).

This list may not be used for any solicitation or commercial purpose. 

If you wish to be added to this list, please complete the Area Contact Application Form and send it to


Name Gender City State/Region Country Email Abstinence Date
Ronit Rosh Haain Israel
Rosalie Palm Bay Florida United States
Ruth Salt Lake City Utah United States of America
Sallie Oakley California United States of America
Sara Paris France
Sharron Queens New York United States
Shay Rosh Haain Israel
Sheila Burlington New Jersey United States
Sigríður Reykjavík Iceland
Sophia La Plata Maryland United States
Staci Los Angeles California United States
Stella Toronto Ontario United States
Steph Austin Texas United States of America
Stephanie Houston Texas United States
Stephanie New York New York United States
Stephen Maspeth New York United States
Steven Chicago Illinois United States
Susan Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States of America
Susan Kuwait Kuwait
Susan Baltimore Maryland United States
Susanne Bristol England
Susanne Manorville New York United States
Tamara Albuquerque New Mexico United States
Tara Saco Maine United States of America
Terri Baltimore Maryland United States
Theda Rahwey New Jersey United States
Theresa Mt. Sinai New York United States
Tina Hamden Connecticut United States
Tom Antwerpen Belgium
Valia New York New York United States
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