Ordering GreySheets

Only Intergroups Can Purchase GreySheets from GSAWS

In order to obtain copies of the GreySheet, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Include the name of the Intergroup you are ordering for, the number of GreySheets and your full name and mailing address. The cost will be $1 per GreySheet plus shipping.

Registered GreySheet groups (i.e., those whose trusted servants are qualified GreySheet food sponsors) purchase GreySheets from their area intergroup. Or if they don't belong to any intergroup they can purchase from nearest (or other) intergroup. Qualified GreySheet food sponsors (90 days or more of back-to-back GS abstinence) who are not members of registered groups can also purchase GreySheets from the nearest intergroup.

The GreySheet is copyrighted and will no longer be distributed electronically.  Also, copying & reproducing the GreySheet is a violation of the copyright & is not acceptable.

DRAFT Procedure Regarding Distribution of GreySheets

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that GreySheeters Anonymous World Services, Inc. (“GSAWS”) is legally compliant in all matters concerning our copyrighted GreySheet food plan. It has been approved by the Structure Committee, the Board of Trustees, the World Service Conference Committee Chairs, and Intergroup Service Representatives and will be submitted to the 2021 GSA World Service Conference for final approval.

Read the Complete Procedure