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How to Start a Greysheet Meeting Near You

Make a Decision 

Some of us thought that starting a Greysheet meeting in their area would be too hard, too much work and brought up fears and anxiety for us. But then, we realized, we are not alone and we are not setting out to do anything that many others, who have come before us, haven’t already accomplished. The great news is, if they could do it, so can you. 

If you are thinking about starting a meeting, we promise you that if you keep weighing and measuring no matter what, and you keep working with your food sponsor no matter what, you will find that the process is not as difficult as your disease wants you to believe.

If you have 6 months or more of back-to-back greysheet abstinence and you do not have any face-to-face meetings near you, we strongly encourage you to start a meeting near you, to help you keep what you have. Our members often share that “We cannot keep what we have if we do not give back, what we have been so freely given”. You will see that almost everything you need is already waiting for you to take action. If you have had the thought occasionally that maybe you should start a meeting near you, chances are, you are ready. Now the only thing left for you to start a meeting, is to make a decision. Just like the decision you made to go to your first GSA meeting or call into your first GSA phone bridge meeting, this decision will be one you will never regret making.

Find a Meeting Space

Many churches, temples, houses of worship, community centers, schools and libraries, as well as hospitals are happy to provide free or low rent spaces for use to 12-step fellowships.  

A great way to find spaces that you know are already amendable to supporting 12-step fellowship recovery is to check out the AA fellowship meeting list near you. This will be especially helpful if there are no greysheet meetings in your state already. You can find AA meetings near you at The meeting contact typically would be happy to hear from another person in a 12-step program. They could tell you who to contact and what they pay for the facilities if anything.

Of course, our own members who have been doing service in your state can be found here: and likewise will be thrilled to help another Greysheeter carry the message to other compulsive eaters. You can also reach out to intergroup representatives that cover territories. Their contact may be found here:

Our recommendation is to find locations that do not charge a fixed rent, but which accept donations in any amounts from the meeting.

Please remember that each group ought to be self-supporting, so be sure that your group considers a donation, should the facility you choose not charge you rent.

Submit the New Group Registration Form

Note: we are working on a new group registration form so you can register your group with GSA World Services. When that form is ready, GSA will contact all lGSRs and listed meeting contacts ask them to register their groups. At that time, we will update this page if we have not yet transitioned to the new website.

Get the word out!

Once you have found a meeting place, have come to an understanding and agreement with the space providers, and you have registered the meeting online, its time to start promoting your meeting. All the resources you will need are all ready for you online.

See for 

  • Literature
  • Meeting Formats
  • Service Position Guidelines
  • How To Inform The Public About GSA
  • GSA Logo
  • How To Be a GSA Group Treasurer

Some time-tested suggestions to help you promote the new meeting include:

  • Talk to faith-based community leaders
    Every community has people like us who are struggling with food addiction. Let them know we have found a solution and let them know we have found a solution for their members. Give them a meeting flyer to post. Email them a flyer in pdf format to email to their parishioners or group members.
  • Post flyers 
    Post flyers in local grocery stores, libraries, doctor’s offices, and community centers. 
  • Contact local radio stations
    Contact local free radio stations that carry free public service announcements. Contact your local cable provider for free public service announcements. The Public service announcements are available online under Meeting Group Resources – How To Inform The Public About GSA. Contact your local community paper and ask about free classified ads to get the word put. Many local community newspapers have a calendar of events near you section in the paper. They are happy to add notes about new meetings and regular ongoing meetings as well.
  • Attend GSA round ups and retreats
    Attend round-ups or retreats, and while there, visit the regular meetings close to the retreats and round-ups. Attending the NYC round-up and attending several meetings in New York City will help you see what your work will result in, so long as you suit up and show up. If there are no live GSA meetings in your area, we encourage you to consider taking a “field trip” to visit meetings outside your area that are more established. You will be welcomed and many members would be happy to host you and share a greysheet meal together to help, especially if it’s a long trip. It is also helpful for the groups that you visit. They may want to return the favor and bring members to your meeting once your group has started.
  • Contact GreySheeters in your area
    Join the member's only GSA Phone List to access contact information for hundreds of GreySheeters. You can search for people in your country, state, city and nearby towns.
  • Make GSA announcements on the phone bridge, GreyNet and GSA Facebook pages

Remember You Are Not Alone

We are here to support you in your efforts to carry the message of hope and recovery. This form of service will definitely add to your own program of recovery.

Here is a list of contacts by State.  Reach out to another contact in your state, let them know what you are attempting to do. Ask them what worked for them. Take a “field trip” to a neighboring state to attend their meetings and to talk to them about what worked to get their meeting started.

Thank you for carrying the message of recovery.