Meeting Guidelines

Suggested reading for meetings when GreySheet or Twelve Step Meeting newcomers attend:

  1. We weigh and measure three meals a day from the GreySheet without exception. "Without exception" means everywhere and at all times, in restaurants and at parties as well as at home. We write down and call our meals into a qualified food sponsor. A food sponsor has at least 90 days of back-to-back GreySheet abstinence. If we need to make any food changes after committing our food, we talk to a qualified food sponsor.
  2. The meeting leader or qualifier has at least 90 days of back-to-back GreySheet abstinence.
  3. The leader will share her experience, strength, and hope for 15-20 minutes. Then there will be a 7th Tradition break, GreySheet announcements, celebrating people counting days, and identifying available sponsors. The rest of the meeting is for personal sharing by a show of hands. (Option: If the meeting is a large one, shares may be limited to 3 minutes using a timer.) The meeting closes with the Serenity Prayer.
  4. Questions about the GreySheet can be discussed after the meeting is over. The GreySheet comes with a sponsor. Any questions or comments are saved until after the meeting is over. As in AA, there is no cross talk during the meeting.
  5. The meeting length is one hour.
  6. When sharing, please don't mention foods by name. If we need to mention food, we use a generic term, such as "carbohydrate." Meetings are for positive pitches for GreySheet abstinence. Share your experience, strength, and hope about living in the solution.
  7. There is no eating during meetings. Black coffee, tea, no-calorie soft drinks, and sugar free gum are acceptable.
  8. Our program is based on the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of AA. It is suggested that we read the AA "Big Book," "Alcoholics Anonymous," and the AA "12 and 12 - Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions."
  9. To support GreySheet abstinence we attend GreySheet and AA meetings as often as possible. A suggestion for newcomers is "90 in 90," i.e., 90 meetings in 90 days. After that, a general guide is at least three meetings per week.
  10. The telephone is an important tool. Please feel free to obtain numbers from anyone here. Three GreySheet phone calls a day are suggested to support our abstinence.
  11. Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of the program: "What you hear here, who you see here, when you leave here, let it stay here." We do not mention other GreySheet members by name in their absence and we do not name our sponsors.
  12. Remember: "Don't Eat No Matter What" and "There Is Always Another Meal Coming."