GreySheeters Anonymous

Service Guidelines


Service PositionSuggested Lengths of
GreySheet Abstinence
Suggested Lengths of
Service Commitment
Description of Duties
Intergroup Service Representative (ISR) Three Years Two Years
  • Represents the Intergroup at the World Service Conference as a voting delegate.
  • An ISR Represents only one Intergroup.
  • Chairs IG meetings.
  • Solicits input from GSR members of the IG on issues to be addressed at World Service Conference.
  • Receives information from the Board of Trustees of GSA World Service and shares that information with their Intergroup.
General Service Representative
One Year One Year
  • Represents the Group at Intergroup.
  • Conducts Group Conscience Meetings as needed, typically once a month;
  • Ensures our Primary Purpose is carried out when facilitating a Group Conscience;
  • Represents only one Group.
  • For 2016, attends World Service Conference as a voting delegate.
  • Subscribes to Service Matters on the website, reads each issue and conveys the information to his/her group to apprise them of what is happening in GSA World Service.
  • Joins one or two World Service Conference committees and supports the work of that committee, usually on a monthly basis between conferences. The choices are: Literature, Finance, Structure, Communications, Public Information, Archives and Conference.
Treasurer Six Months Six Months
  • Collects and maintains 7th Tradition donations;
  • Maintains Treasurer's Reports, listing donations and expenses incurred;
  • Provides Treasurer's Reports at each Group Conscience meeting;
  • Pays rent at meeting location;
  • Reimburses Secretary for purchased literature;
  • Ensures that the group remains fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.
Secretary/Leader Six Months Six Months
  • Leads the meeting;
  • Collects GreySheet-related Announcements to be made during regular meetings;
  • Maintains an Agenda for and takes Minutes at Group Conscience meetings;
  • Opens and closes the meeting place; maintains possession of keys;
  • Maintains literature, pamphlets, and handouts;
  • Sets up chairs, literature, etc.
Booker Six Months Four Months
  • Asks speakers with 90 days or more of back-to-back GreySheet abstinence to "Qualify" and lead meetings;
  • Calls or emails a reminder to the scheduled Qualifier a day or two in advance;
  • Tells the Secretary/Leader who the Qualifier will be, so the Secretary is prepared;
  • Sets up chairs, literature, etc.;
  • Leads the meeting when no one else is available.
Phone Bridge Moderator Six Months Ability to moderate  one or more weekly time slots Technical requirements:
    • Appropriate telephone and computer capability, including high-speed internet access
    • Proficiency in navigating the Internet
    • E-mail access
    • Ability to use computer and telephone simultaneously while moderating phone meeting
Primary responsibilities:
  • Maintains the confidentiality of the information seen on the dashboard and any specific moderator information without exception
  • Moderates agreed upon meeting(s) effectively and efficiently
  • Aids meeting leaders in keeping the meeting(s) quiet
  • Attempts to arrange back-up when unable to serve
  • Contacts the appropriate person(s) when there are technical difficulties with the bridge
  • Remains quiet while moderating, avoids controversy, and practices principles before personalities