Service Matters - November 2022

Gratitude to our Sponsors and Sponsees

I asked a few folks about their practice of sponsoring and being sponsored. Why do they do it? What are the gifts of this regular contact? Here is what they offered:
from KO:
Speaking to my sponsor every day is important to me because when she freely gives me her time, it reminds me that my abstinence is as important to someone else as it is to me, and  I get to know in real time that the person I am asking to hold my accountability sacred is doing that. As a sponsor, speaking every day is a great way to gauge where a sponsee is at, and it makes it easier to catch it early when a sponsee is a little wobbly so I can give them some help before they slip.
From LT:
Having a relationship with my sponsor supports a program that nurtures my abstinence.  Because we have worked together for many years, she is very attuned to the nuances of my attitude and/or moods, and often picks up on issues to address before I realize them myself.  
From LL:
Being in regular, daily contact with my sponsor is a privilege -- walking alongside another fellow whose only wish for me is to stay in recovery and to enjoy the gifts that long-term abstinence brings. It is also a lifeline - knowing that I am not disturbing her when a food emergency or a NMW situation present itself, as it will as life occasionally throws you a curveball. The 1000-pound phone is not heavy, when you are used to lifting it! 
From LS
I’ve been abstinent for a long time now, and I’ve always had between 2-4 sponsees (and I’ve had only two long-time sponsors in those years).  I’ve learned so much from sponsees, whether they “got it” right away or whether they struggled and later came back.  They really taught me!   And why do I sponsor?  If I truly believe that GreySheeters Anonymous saved my life (and I do), then I’m really moved to give back so others can find this Miracle.
From EW:
My sponsor has been with me for years, before, through and after my hours-long relapse until today. I appreciate her availability – always answering the phone when I call in with emergencies, always texting back questions about ‘is this abstinent?’ from me and my sponsees and my sponsees’ sponsees. And my sponsees help me to know, day by day, how they’re doing this amazing thing, and keep me from feeling terminally unique and lonely. Plus, I love them!!

GreySheeters Anonymous World Services

World Service Conference 2022

Summary of Votes



World Service Conference Reflections

I was asked to write about my experience of WSC since I have had the experience of attending all five conferences.  How did this happen? Well, a GS friend said, “let’s go to the conference. It will be great to be at the first GreySheet conference, being eyewitnesses to our history. We did have some fun, but mostly it was a steep learning curve and a lot of work. What has sustained me is “keeping my eyes on the prize” by keeping the message of the original Cambridge GS community clear, strong and focused, so that future generations can find the solution of GreySheet that has worked for so many for nearly 50 years.
I love the words of Dr. Bob to Bill W. Dr. Bob was near the end of his life and Bill came to visit. Dr. Bob said, “Don’t louse this thing up!  Keep it simple,” Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers. A lot of complicated people (like me) with addictive personalities (like me) have been working together to keep the message simple—DENMW—and pass it on.

The path to our most recent conference, which ran so smoothly, has been long and bumpy. We developed committees and a Board of Trustees. We brainstormed, had discussions and some arguments. We wrote by-laws, learned about tax laws, copyrights, designed and redesigned logos, had many discussions about whether a sentence should have a colon or a semi-colon (you can see I still don’t know) and more than one discussion about the font of the GreySheet itself!

We hired a Parliamentarian (lawyer) to help the conference to run smoothly and efficiently. He taught us about Robert’s Rules and its language. We learned about motions, amendments to the motions, friendly amendments, speaking for the minority opinion, speaking for the majority opinion to reconsider---(we can all run for Congress now!) Some moments were funny, some tense and some felt like a showdown at the OK Corral!  (a reference to the fighting, lawless days of the American Old West).

For the first three years we met in person. It is always special to spend time with other GSers. People came from all over the world. We all met in one big room. We shared meals, hotels, and down time.  We were building a community with a shared goal and a singleness of purpose. Due to the pandemic, the last two conferences have been on Zoom. This format has worked quite well.

Through trial and error, we have learned how to run an efficient conference. Preparation, a clear agenda, and rules of conduct turned out to be the key. In the past, the conference lasted two days. This year we finished in two hours! All preparation work was done with the goal of protecting and preserving the GreySheet message. We have a food allergy, alcoholic personalities, and a solution. We treat it seriously. We are not here to make friends, even though I have made some of the best friends of my life. We are not here to make it easy for people. We are here to help save lives.

WSC is a wonderful experience, and I am grateful to have been a part of it. One compulsive eater helping another compulsive eater. That’s what it boils down to.

I hope I haven’t scared anyone off from doing this service. There is a lot of work and a lot of fun. It does help to have a sense of humor. The conferences have helped to keep the program intact and on track. I know the GSA message has helped me to have another day of abstinence. I have had an abstinent breakfast. I plan to weigh and measure my lunch and dinner and lay my head on my pillow tonight with another day of abstinence under my belt. Thank you one and all!  Together WDENMW.       


First Year as a GSR

When I signed up to become a GSR,  I thought “no big deal”. I’d attend a meeting once a month and report back. As time went by I learned how so many people volunteer their time to fulfill our primary purpose, “to stay abstinent and help other compulsive eaters to achieve abstinence”. 
My desire to do my part began to grow I cannot keep what I have unless I give it away, so I started attending Committees Connecting meetings. I learned that so many people work very hard to give the community the tools I desperately need to help me stay abstinent. I decided to do more. I attended this years World Service Conference meeting. I thought it was going to be a nightmare, that there would be endless discussions, possible discord, etc.  This was far from true.  It was better organized than any business meeting I’ve attended. AND, though it was planned to be a five hour meeting, it was finished in two hours!


GSR Training

Are you rotating out as your group’s GSR?
Has your group elected a new Group Service Representative?
Your new GSR – or someone considering serving your group as a GSR – may be interested in the next GSR Training.

Sunday November 6 at 10am ET on Zoom ID 856 3998 6995 with GSA passcode.
and Tuesday November 8 at 600pm ET on Zoom ID 838 9475 2685 with GSA passcode.

GSRs serve two-year terms beginning at one conference and ending two conferences later. We expect many groups will be electing new representatives this month if they haven’t already. (There is no limit to the number of consecutive or lifetime terms a GSR serves so your group may re-elect you, too. Like A.A., GreySheeters Anonymous supports the spirit of rotation to allow as many of us as possible the joy of service.)

GSR Training is designed for new GSRs or those considering serving. This 90-minute session covers:
  1. Responsibilities of the GSR
  2. Managing the Workload
  3. Conducting Effective Group Conscience Meetings
More information here: or email
Questions: or (832) 856 -1058

Board of Trustees Column

My name is Maggie M., and this year I gratefully celebrated 32 years of b2b GreySheet abstinence, and I’m humbled and proud to have been elected to serve on the Board of Trustees. I got abstinent in the New York City GreySheet community in 1990, at the glorious old Jan Hus Church, where so many of us discovered GreySheet. Since that time, I’ve moved through seven states and a 25-year career as a professor of theatre and performance in six different universities, finally retiring as a full professor in 2011. While in academia I attended meetings without number so I’ve got a head start on the trifling number of meetings I’ve heard that members of the GS Board must attend, and I’m looking forward to them!

Save for those first wonderful 3 years in NYC – I’ve always been a GreySheet outpost with little to no community around me. Until very recently and for most of the years of my abstinence my major form of service has been one-on one -- carrying the message as a sponsor, so the opportunity to work with the Board and be of service to the greater GreySheet community is one that fills me with joy and excitement. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to working with a group of committed, abstinent people who are actively bringing the GreySheet to the compulsive eater who still suffers. GreySheet has been the foundation and fountainhead of my life. It has made my life possible, and I believe in it utterly, so I’m truly thankful for this opportunity to serve.


Upcoming Recovery Events

• 32nd Annual NYC Round Up 
   o Sunday, November 13, 2022 at 1pm-4:15pm ET Zoom 
   o More information: 

• London Round Up 
   o May 6-7, 2023 
   o More information email:

GreySheet Anonymous World Service

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