GreySheeters Anonymous

Summary of the C/V meeting on the 25th August 2013

Present: GSRs- 11; Board members-2; Intergroup Service Reps-4 announced themselves; 5 more people were present on the line

Logistics Committee Chair reported the hire of the recording secretary after a review of the possibilities and interviews.
Board of Trustee's Chair Joel reported out on the Budgeted amounts for the WSC 2013: Parliamentarian: 7500 plus 1000 for travel and other expenses (An increase to accommodate the more comprehensive review of documents to inform the Structure Committee per their request.) Secretary 2000 plus 500 travel and expenses. Facilities 1200. Board Expenses: 1000 with a total of 13,200. A donation of 1616 from Iceland. The GSAWS account has 23,945.73

GSA-WSC account has paid $6,235.00 to the Hilton for down payment on the food. Remaining in the account is $4,579.61 Unanticipated expenses incurred include bank charges and 15 -16 dollars for each of the wires received. One payment is still "lost in transit" and this is still to be resolved.

The WSC Committees reported:
Fellowship Communication Committee reported that they will put forward the motion at the WSC that is the official website and guidelines for it are being developed, including a means to protect anonymity and confidentiality and a newsletter with updates on service. Three subcommittees have been formed: information technology, world service office, and unity/singleness of purpose.

Literature Committee reported that the chairperson resigned after doing an outstanding job of establishing a process using subcommittees to work on a variety of materials that are to be assessed for literature. The subcommittees are at work. The alternate chair is stepping up.

The Conference/Logistics Committee has selected six venues for 2014 with the intention to winnow them to three this week. The committee will then proceed to contact hotels to establish prices and potential dates from which the WSC will select for 2014. If you have suggestions please contact the committee at Feedback will be appreciated. Conflicts with GSA events and religious holidays are being reviewed. In alphabetical order the six potential sites for the 2014 WSC are Albuquerque, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and Iceland.

The Finance Committee has met twice to review the questions and documents on the website and is pursuing more information while drafting recommendations for internal mechanisms for the group, intergroup, and world service conference financial transparency. Committee members are also reviewing the tax-exempt status and the responsibilities for taxes to be paid at local, intergroup, Roundup, and world service levels. The chairperson spoke with the Treasurer and due to challenges in his family and work situation, he has ask another board member to aid in the process of continuing with the accountant the review of the current accounting system and reestablishment of the nonprofit tax status.

Public Information Committee reported that they will bring a document to the World Service Conference and are reviewing questions that will be pertinent to include.

A question regarding the status of board members' desires to be included on the slate of potential board of trustees.

If you have other questions please write to
Thanks were expressed to all who are putting so much into this World Service Conference preparation for September 20-22, 2013 in Philadelphia.

There will be no other communication and voting meeting before the conference. The World Service Conference will determine future meetings.

Regarding nominations, the call for nominations is on the site and everyone is invited to submit nominations for new board members.

After a lengthy pause for additional questions, the meeting closed with the Serenity Prayer.