GreySheeters Anonymous

GSAWS' Communication/Voting meeting on Sunday 25th August

GSAWS' Communication/Voting meeting on Sunday 25th August, 2013, at 11:00 am ET
Dial-in: 712-432-3920 / 470310# to mute is *6; to unmute *7

The summary of last meeting on July 28th 2013

Present 2 board members, 5 Intergroup Service Representatives, 13 GSRs, and 2 GSA members

A member of the planning committee member read the GSA Phone Bridge Intergroup letter as requested.

38 registrations for the First GSA World Service Conference include 27 GSR’s, 7 Intergroup Service Representatives and 4 Board of Trustees members.

The world service conference is the continuation in 2013 of the work that has been done since 1998 through the 2009 focus groups and the 2010 proposed conference onward until today. The effect is this WSC coming to fruition.

The Logistics Committee presented the position of secretary at the WSC:

The reasons for having a secretary included transparency clarity legitimacy and easy accessibility of information be made available to the fellowship. Particulars were regarding one potential secretary with 12 step experience record transcribing and providing reports. The suggestion of checking another person for this job. The C/V meeting participants gave the Logistics Committee and the Board the right of decision for choosing which person to take and the consideration of funds which will be pay by GSA.

WSC Standing Committees work inforrmation

Standing committees information presented and posted on grey site under the tab World service conference 2013. The delegates will receive their respective standing committee information. Each delegate serves in two committees; there will be phone conference meetings prior to WSC.
In the standing committee meetings each group will be requested to identify a chairperson and alternate chairperson, secretary and an archivist.

Update on the accountant

The board chairperson updated the information about the account was collective the information to file the required paperwork with the IRS and will review with the IRS any outstanding issues with the intention to reinstate the 5013.

The financial report for the previous quarter is posted on A generous contribution from Island noted there is a transfer is completed after the closing of that quarters’ books.

One delegate suggested an inventory of the organization greysheeter’s anonymous world service similar to that which Alcoholics Anonymous has completed. That is a suggestion for the future for the next few years.

The call for nominations have the opportunity to serve as a board member are available and will be sent to each delegate. Those who are not coming to the world service conference may still submit nomination. The information can be found on site under the World service conference 2013 tab on the left-hand side of the homepage.