GreySheeters Anonymous

World Service Conference a Celebration of GSA being born

Hi dear GSA fellows!

With the miracle of our first World Service Conference coming up, Grainne and I would like to send out a few words. We want to encourage the community to embrace this opportunity. This is a chance to strengthen our fellowship. The primary purpose of the fellowship is to carry the message to compulsive eaters of the future. Many members of the fellowship have worked for months, if not years, to create this opportunity for every member of GS to have a voice. Your voice is your group representatives and / or your Intergroup Representative. You need them to attend this conference so you have a voice in the fellowship. We can grasp this opportunity and work together or we can stay separate. The deadline for registration is fast approaching – Thursday July 18th – for the conference in Philadelphia September 20-22. Representatives from around the world – England, Iceland, Europe, Israel – and the United States – California, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas – are already committed. A parlamentarian will guide us to ensure we follow proper procedures. We will practice principles before personalities. 

The critical work of this conference will include:

  • Elect a World Service Board to serve the fellowship.  Make the reverse triangle a reality.
  • Endorse the proposed service structure of Intergroup Areas and committees.  Make sure everyone has an equal voice.
  • Approve the proposed bylaws.
  • Agree on priorities for the future, for example, continuing the website, protecting the GreySheet, publishing literature, or reaching out to professionals, etc.

We have accomplished a lot since we incorporated a World Service in 1998.  In 15 years, we have grown and now it is time for the fellowship to assume control.  Please share this message at your meetings.  Our hope is that many GreySheeters will join us in Philadelphia to represent their home communities.

With blessings and nmw´s

Esther Helga G.  Former Chair of the World Service Board

Grainne M.  Former member of the World Service Board