GreySheeters Anonymous

Summary of the C/V Meeting on the 30th of June

The Communication and Voting Meeting On Sunday July 30, 2013 opened at 11 am ET. 

Over 30 people were present on the line. Those who identified themselves represented  5 Intergroups and  10 meetings as ISRs and GSRs. In addition other GSA members numbered 5 and two Board Members.

The leader asked if there was a representative from the meetings in the Michigan Intergroup. No one responded. The letter sent to GSRs and to with a request to read was read. The Rationale for Sending a Representative to the World Service Conference was shared. (It is on site.)

The Report from the Literature Committee included a reading of  some of the material re the Process for Conference Approved Literature. The entire draft document is on the site.

Chairperson of GSAWS Board of Trustees reported on the status of the Accountant's work. One member voiced concerns re the length of time that the accountant is taking to report out on progress. She reminded the group that this is the accountant selected by the Board prior to the resignations of some. The question was how long do we wait for a response.

The Structure Committee reported on progress. By Laws draft, Charter draft, and Nominations are available to review and discuss in order for the ISRs, GSRs and Board Members to bring your group's vote to the WSC.

The nominations procedure and the request for nominations are on the site at GSA WSC 2013 and were distributed to every GSR and ISR listed. Please send you group's nominations of potential Board members in GreySheeters Anonymous and also non compulsive eaters who have skill sets that might aid our Board or who have experience in other 12 Step fellowships at their WSC levels.

One previous treasurer reported that she had been a treasurer for GSAWS, even though there was a rumor circulating that there had only been one treasurer since 1998. She had reviewed materials from the treasurer on site and found them similar to what she had experienced when she was the treasurer.

July 18 is the due date for registrations in order to have materials go out in time to have the Intergroup Service Representatives and the General Service Representatives from individual registered meetings discuss them with their respective groups for two months prior to the World Service Conference.