GreySheeters Anonymous

Registration for the GSA WSC 2013 is due July 18th

The due date for the registration is 18th of July - you can download the registration forms HERE.   

The registrations can be sent via email or to the PO Box address listed in the registration form. The registration form packet include also all the payment details. If you have any questions please write: .

Reminder for the coming Communication/Voting Meeting: this Sunday 30th June, 2013, at 11:00 am  ET
Dial-in: 712-432-3920 / 470310#   to mute is *6; to unmute *7.

Working Documents for the Delegates at the WSC can be accessed by following the link or look on the left side of this site - World Service Conference 2013. The documents will be updated and added in the next coming weeks/months. All are draft and not final - working documents.


The Communication/Voting Meeting and the Committee Work  are the methods by which we are preparing for the World Service Conference. The GSAWS Board of Trustees delegated the responsibility for preparation for the GSA World Service Conference 2013 to the Committees and to the Communication /Voting Meeting. Board members and Committee members participate in committees and in the C/V which is the time when the committees' work is shared with the fellowship (All GSRs, Intergroup Service Representatives,  Board Members and others are welcome).

At least one of the Board Members has been present at most of the last  7 C/V meetings:  at one on those meetings there was Board Member present but couldn't unmute.

For 70 years other 12 step programs have used face-to-face communication and voting in the World Service Conference.
Each group and Intergroup has the opportunity to participate in this World Service Conference. Each group and Intergroup may choose to send a representative, GSR (s) and ISR. Those groups that do not support the presence of their representative at the WSC may garner information from others who attend and from the reports subsequent to  the WSC voting. In order to vote, a representative of a group or an Intergroup must be present physically as is true in the other 12 step programs.

Most of the materials that we will work on and vote on at the WSC  will be sent out (drafts versions) after the 18th of July to those representatives who have registered to attend the WSC. The material will also be posted on the site in order for groups and intergroups who have chosen not to attend to also be able to access the material. Material that groups or individuals may wish to present at the World Service Conference may be sent to the   prior to 18th of July - the due date for registrations.

GSAWS Inc. was founded in 1998. In the years since then numerous people individually, in committees, and in larger groups like the dialogue committee have attempted to bring us to a World Service Conference and the people who are currently working on organization are also using the materials and work done previously.
It is time to have a structure that allows our fellowship to move forward in our primary purpose:  to carry the message to compulsive eaters that still suffer. Come join us at the WSC.

Those dissenting views in the World Service Conference will have the opportunity  to be heard in person in Philadelphia between September 20-22, 2013. Those who are working in the committees may be small in number but they stand on the shoulders of 12 Step programs that have allowed GSA to use and/or adapt their materials and on the shoulders of GreySheeters who have served since 1998 with varied efforts to come to a World Service Conference. Multiple committees have participated in bringing forth the materials to be brought to this WSC. Not just those who are working now but those who have participated over these 15 years.
The materials/ motions  to be brought to the WSC are being worked on and will continue to be worked on by those participating. Participation is the key to unity.