GreySheeters Anonymous

Summary of the C/V Meeting on the 26th of May

A. Literature Committee Report

  1. One member read the definitions of Conference Approved Literature (CAL), GSA Literature and Other Literature.  Motion to Accept, Seconded, Passed
  2. Invitation for Suggestions of Literature to be Approved as CAL for 2013 WSC can be sent to 
    Invitation for Suggestions of Literature to be Approved as CAL for 2014 WSC using the Literature Approval Process as  accepted Motion to Move Make the Invitations, Seconded, Passed  

B. Structure/Nomination Committee Report

  1. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and answers are now on (what is the WSC, goals, what is a trusted servant, right of decision, who is paying and more)
  2. Each group and Intergroup registered on is invited and encouraged to send  its GSR and/or ISR, respectively.
  3. Proposed draft agenda/schedule presented.
  4. Nominations Invited for GSAWS, Inc. Board of Trustees (a slate of trustees to be offered and accepted or voted on individually)
  5. Bylaws Changes under consideration and generally supported (with one questioning the possible 3:1 ratio of GSA members : non compulsive eater members of the Board of Trustees.)
  • inclusion of non compulsive eater(s) on the Board of Trustees (substantial support for situation similar to AA and DA/other 12 Step programs in which the non compulsive member(s) are able to speak to the press, have experience in other 12 Step World Service level service positions and then becomes available to serve by sharing experience, strength and hope re that level of use of the steps, traditions, and concepts and/or experience as a lawyer, accountant, medical professional etc.
  • a ratio for GreySheeters Anonymous members for the GSAWS, Inc. Board of Trustees and no compulsive eaters
  • charter/ conduct at meetings and actions

C. Finance Committee Welcomes Members

D. Chairperson of the Board of Trustees

  1. Parliamentarian advantages and costs of two different parliamentarians 
    Motion to pay for the more expensive but more experienced with the 12 steps Parliamentarian/ "an investment" Seconded, and Passed with one abstentio
  2. Additional costs for GSAWS, Inc. for the WSC: secretary experienced with minutes with Roberts Rules, cost of meeting room and AV, technical support for the web page, and costs of the accountant
  3. The accountant has been given power of attorney and has contacted the IRS to review our status. He has all of our books and will be filing required documents to the IRS by 16 June. Following that, he will review our books and processes and make recommendations.

The next V/C meeting will be the last Sunday in June, same time and phone number.