GreySheeters Anonymous

Brief Summary of the C/V Meeting on the 28th of April

Registration Packet for  the First GreySheeters Anonymous World Service Conference which was also sent out and posted on was presented:
Who can come and have a a vote:

  • Each GSR with a group registered with GreySheeters Anonymous on,
  • Each Intergroup's Representative or delegate registered with GSA on
  • Each Board Member

When: September 20-22, 2013
Where: Philadelphia Airport Hilton Hotel
Why: Business meeting of GSAWS to confirm our GreySheeters Anonymous ByLaws, Steps, Traditions, Concepts, and Conference Approved Literature (CAL)\
to elect our 2013-2015 GSAWS, Inc. Board of Trustees and to work in committees to address the other needs of the organization.

  • $295 for food, beverages, and registration
  •  Single: $212.52
  •  Shared Room per person: $129.36
  •  Round Trip Transportation: Your Home -Philadelphia Airport Hilton Hotel- Your Home

Registration packet also includes the Nomination Form for GSAWS, Inc. Board of Trustees

Literature Committee Proposal (not voting but general acceptance given*) for definitions of Conference Approved Literature (CAL), GSA Literature, and Other Literature (See the draft proposal below.)

Introductory Statement
We are grateful to Alcoholics Anonymous for their permission to adapt their Steps, Traditions, and Concepts. AA states clearly with their permission that they are not approving of any other organization. 

We are attempting to create GreySheeters Anonymous Literature to aid compulsive eaters. It is our hope that as our organization grows, we will continue to develop even more GreySheeters Anonymous materials.

Definition of Conference Approved Literature:

"Conference Approved Literature" describes those particular pieces of literature which have been approved by the members of the GSA World Service Conference.  The literature then has "This is GSA World Service Conference-Approved Literature." This literature maintains the integrity of our GreySheeters Anonymous program as a whole. (This addresses the newcomer's need for a consistent message of GreySheeters Anonymous recovery.)
Not All "GSA Literature" is Conference Approved.

Intergroup/groups do prepare and use literature which is not (yet) approved by the Conference.  If such material meets their needs and adheres to our Traditions 4 and 6, such material may be considered "GSA Literature." Pamphlets or other literature thus prepared might be submitted to the GSA Literature Committee for potential approval at a subsequent GSA -WSC.

Other Literature may be used if that group adheres to the 4th, 5th, and 6th Traditions:

"Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or GSA as a whole."

"Each group has but one primary purpose - to carry its message to the compulsive eater who still suffers."

"A GSA group ought never endorse, finance, or lend the GSA name to any related facility or outside enterprise, lest problems of money, property and prestige divert us from our primary purpose."

The Twelve Steps and Traditions are adapted with permission of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (“AAWS”). Permission to adapt and reprint the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions does not mean that AAWS has approved the contents, of this publication, nor that AAWS agrees with the views expressed herein. AA is a program of recovery from alcoholism only. Use of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions in connection with programs which are patterned after AA, but which address other problems, or in any other non-AA context, does not imply otherwise.

Structure Committee Discussion: Class B Board of Trustees (those who are not compulsive eaters and have skill sets desirable for the GSAWS Board of Trustees) and possible change of required number of Board Members that is a range, eg. 3/4-15 similar to other organizations.

(*because no Board Member was present since the expected one texted a message: detained in a business meeting and the replacing Board  Member was unable to unmute and the message was only seen at the end of the meeting.)