GreySheeters Anonymous

Report from the last Communication and Voting (C/V) meeting on 25th March 2013 and updates on WSC 2013

World Service Conference will be held on 20th-22nd September 2013 at Hilton Airport Hotel Philadelphia. The deposit was payed.

Each GSA group may send one representative with one vote.
Each Intergroup may send one representative with one vote. Each Board member has one vote. If the self supporting group is not able to carry the expenses of the representative, two groups or more may join together to send one representative with one vote.
Representatives must be present to vote. Participation in the first GreySheeters Anonymous World Service Conference is a responsibility and a privilege of each group and/or ntergroup. The GSA group and/or intergroup need to be registered as GSA meeting (registration via webpage). The cost of the food  and beverages per person and sleeping accommodations (single or double to be selected by the participant- 2 nights) and the transportation to Philadelphia are expected to be paid by the group for which the participant is a General Service Representative or Intergroup Representative.

Food: After meeting in a telephone conference with the chef and catering manager, we received a menu that meets our GSA needs: food that is GS abstinent and offers choices appropriate for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The six meals include Friday dinner through Sunday lunch. The quoted price is 190++ per person. (This is more than our previously posted amount due to the food choices and quantities we require for the GSA plan, e.g., a protein and fruit breakfast instead of continental, etc.). We do have a contract commitment for a minimum amount of food and beverages for which we are responsible at the Hilton therefore there is no possibility to book only room without food. Backup as desired is always recommended.

More specifics on what money to send to whom will be forthcoming.

At the V/C meeting the following suggestions were supported:

  • Hiring the Parliamentarian familiar with 12 step programs and for a Secretary to be present at the WSC.
  • Establishing the Finance Committee which would consider the options for GSAWS to pay the costs for the meeting rooms for the WSC, costs of the Parliamentarian and possible Secretary. If you are GSR or IG Officer or you served as one of those in the past and wish to be part of the Finance Committee please write . We need more people to do the service.
  • That we include people from other fellowship or from outside to serve in the Board of Trustees (class B Trustees- people with experiences who rotated out of service positions in their fellowships). Many Fellowships benefit from this.
  • The motion came from present member and was seconded and voted on: „One of the duty of the Board members is to attend the C/V meeting from now on.“
Structure Committee: The Board received suggestion and is working toward  establishing the Nomination Committee (same procedure that was used last time) in order to start receiving and reviewing nomination so that the new Board of Trustees members are going to be voted on at the WSC. Literature Committee: The Literature Committee is working and sharing on line to determine 
  • our definition of Conference Approved Literature (CAL) and
  • a process for identifying literature and materials as CAL.

We are also considering materials to be brought forward to the WSC 1 for approval as CAL.

In April and May we plan to have proposals available for the Communication and Voting meeting. 
Also needed are members for a Communications Committee and Structure Committee (already established but need more members) ; please write if you are interested. 

The next Communication and Voting meeting will be on Sunday the 28th of April 2013 from 11am-1pm ET.