GreySheeters Anonymous

Motions and Documents for the WSC 2014

Board of Trustees

  • Motions for Next WSC     Word     PDF 

Communication Committee

  • Master List of Website Ideals     Word     PDF
  • "Service Matters" Newsletter Guidelines     Word     PDF

Finance Committee

  • Finance Committee Accomplishments 2014     Word     PDF
  • Finance Committee Recommendations 2014    Word     PDF
  • The GSA Group Treasurer     PDF
  • TriFold     PDF

Literature Committee (LC)

  • A Solution for Compulsive Eaters    PDF
  • Food Addict Motion     Word     PDF
  • Meeting Format     Word     PDF
  • Meeting Format Guidelines    Word     PDF
  • Meeting Guidelines    Word     PDF
  • CAL Logo    Word     PDF
  • Readings    Word     PDF
  • Solution to Change     PDF
  • STC Motion     Word     PDF
  • Youth Flyer    Word    PDF

Logistics (Conference) Committee

  • Conference Logistic Committee Motion    Word     PDF

Public Information Committee

  • GSA Brief History - added to the Final Edition of the Manual Below    Word    PDF
    GSA PI Public Information Manual 2014 - Final Edition    Word    PDF
    GSA PI Public Information Manual 2014    Word    PDF
  • GSA PIC Proposed Motion for GSAWS 2014    Word    PDF
    GSA Wallet Card_Final     Word    PDF

Structure Committee

  • GSA WSC Structure Committee Reports     Word     PDF


Registration for the GSA World Service Conference 2014

Dear General Service Representative (GSR) or Intergroup Service Representative (ISR), the members of Groups and Intergroups,

we are announcing that the registration for the second GSA World Service Conference is now open. Below you can find the Registration Packet (in two different versions: doc, pdf) with all the information and registration form. For any aditional question you can write to

Registration packet (Word - doc)

Registration packet (pdf)

WSC 2014 - registration with deposit

On the recommendation of the Logistics Committee the Board of Trustees voted that we allow members of GSA who want to register for the WSC to send in $125 as a deposit, so that they may be able to serve on one of the committees currently working in advance of the WSC in Sept 2014.

The updated registration forms you can find here: WSC 2014 Registration Form (pdf)   WSC 2014 Registration Form  (word)

Any other information you can get by writing to