GreySheeters Anonymous

GSA World Services History

August 2001:  Established 1-888-GREYSHEET

800 # Voice Mail Committee Report (.pdf)

May 1998:  Received Permission to Adapt AA Copyrighted Material

Correspondence with AA  (.pdf)

April 1998:  GSAWS Became Not-for-Profit Corporation

Certificate of Incorporation of GSAWS  (.pdf)

March/April 1998:  Attempted to Register as an OA Intergroup

Correspondence with OA  (.pdf)

New York City Round Up, October 13, 2007

      or read sections of it:
  • History and Mission of GSA World ServicesAcrobat (.pdf)
  • Accomplishments ReportAcrobat (.pdf)
  • Copyright/Trademark ReportAcrobat (.pdf)
  • England Intergroup ReportAcrobat (.pdf)
  • Iceland Intergroup ReportAcrobat (.pdf)