GreySheeters Anonymous

World Service Conference 2019 Reports and Motions

Welcome to the World Service Conference 2019 Report and Motions!

This report represent the work that the World Service Conference committees and the Board of Trustees of GreySheeters Anonymous World Service have done on behalf of GreySheeters Anonymous since our last World Service Conference in 2016.

The report also include recommendations for the future of GreySheeters Anonymous which delegates will vote on at World Service Conference 2019 in September in Chicago. All members of GreySheeters Anonymous are encouraged to download and read the report and motions and discuss them with your delegate before the conference. 

Here are some instructions for accessing the documents:

You may read these documents online but we recommend downloading them so you can review offline. If you are a delegate attending World Service Conference 2019 in Chicago in September, we recommend printing and bringing the hard copy to refer to during our sessions. This will be the least disruptive way for 40+ delegates to work together.

The two attachments included below are only available in PDF form so we include a note for where to insert them to assemble your final report. Each board or committee report is a separate section and start on an odd-numbered page so each new section will always start on the right. This will allow you to bind the report and to mark where each section starts. Any subcommittee reports and attachments are included in the same section.

From April to August, the Communication Committee will host a monthly Committees Connecting Zoom meeting where each committee will answer questions about their report and motions. If you are a delegate, we encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities. If you can't make the scheduled meeting, the video will be available for review later. All GreySheeters Anonymous members are welcome to attend these meetings to hear more. Subscribe to Service Matters for links, dial in numbers, schedule, and recordings.

Thank you for supporting GreySheeters Anonymous!

The Conference Committee