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The Communication/Voting Meeting and the Committee Work  are the methods by which we are preparing for the World Service Conference. The GSAWS Board of Trustees delegated the responsibility for preparation for the GSA World Service Conference 2013 to the Committees and to the Communication /Voting Meeting. Board members and Committee members participate in committees and in the C/V which is the time when the committees' work is shared with the fellowship (All GSRs, Intergroup Service Representatives,  Board Members and others are welcome).
At least one of the Board Members has been present at most of the last  7 C/V meetings:  at one on those meetings there was Board Member present but couldn't unmute.

For 70 years other 12 step programs have used face-to-face communication and voting in the World Service Conference.
Each group and Intergroup has the opportunity to participate in this World Service Conference. Each group and Intergroup may choose to send a representative, GSR (s) and ISR. Those groups that do not support the presence of their representative at the WSC may garner information from others who attend and from the reports subsequent to  the WSC voting. In order to vote, a representative of a group or an Intergroup must be present physically as is true in the other 12 step programs.

Most of the materials that we will work on and vote on at the WSC  will be sent out (drafts versions) after the 18th of July to those representatives who have registered to attend the WSC. The material will also be posted on the site in order for groups and intergroups who have chosen not to attend to also be able to access the material. Material that groups or individuals may wish to present at the World Service Conference may be sent to the  prior to 18th of July - the due date for registrations.

GSAWS Inc. was founded in 1998. In the years since then numerous people individually, in committees, and in larger groups like the dialogue committee have attempted to bring us to a World Service Conference and the people who are currently working on organization are also using the materials and work done previously.
It is time to have a structure that allows our fellowship to move forward in our primary purpose:  to carry the message to compulsive eaters that still suffer. Come join us at the WSC.

Those dissenting views in the World Service Conference will have the opportunity  to be heard in person in Philadelphia between September 20-22, 2013. Those who are working in the committees may be small in number but they stand on the shoulders of 12 Step programs that have allowed GSA to use and/or adapt their materials and on the shoulders of GreySheeters who have served since 1998 with varied efforts to come to a World Service Conference. Multiple committees have participated in bringing forth the materials to be brought to this WSC. Not just those who are working now but those who have participated over these 15 years.
The materials/ motions  to be brought to the WSC are being worked on and will continue to be worked on by those participating. Participation is the key to unity. 
1. Each Intergroup can send an Intergroup Service Representative (ISR)  and the person has one vote.
2. Each group can send the General Service Representative (GSR) and the person  has one vote. The groups that belong  to the Intergroup which is sending the ISR (Delegate) can also send their GSRs to the conference. Each one has one vote.
3. Each Board member has one vote. 
If a group doesn't have enough money to send the its representative, multiple groups together can send one representative with that representative having one vote.
The GSR has to come from the GSA group that is registered on the website; if the group is not yet registered as a GSA group (singelness of purpose) this can be done by emailing with group information or filing the form for a new group registration. 
The ISR has to come from an Intergroup that is registered/listed on the website.
All of the voters have to be present live at the conference. This conference is not a  teleconference  and only the voters (apart from outside parliamentarian and secretary) are allowed to participate in discussions and vote.
The voting body will probably change in the future conferences.
Since not all of the groups in our organization at the present time are organized into Intergroups or areas, if we chose to include only Intergroup Service Representatives, we would exclude the groups who are not part of Intergroups. In order to have more representation this year and until the Intergroups and areas are more representative the ISRs, GSRs  and Board of Trustees members are included in the voting body at the WSC 2013.  The proposal was accepted at the Communication and Voting Meeting on the 24th of February 2013. 
The GSRs and ISRs and Board Members are trusted servants.
The World Service Conference (WSC) is the business meeting of GreysSheeters Anonymous World Service, Inc. (GSAWS,Inc.) The WSC is the location and time at which the General Service Representatives (GSRs), Intergroup Service Representatives (ISRs), and the General Service Board of Trustees (GSBOT) join to review the state of the GSA Fellowship and to work on issues such as ratifying our program structure, including electing new board members, approving GSA literature and outreach methods, agreeing on the financial and Board of Trustees transparency we desire, and voting on other important issues affecting GSAWS as a whole. The WSC gives direction to the Board for the upcoming year as the Board assumes its responsibilities to deal with finances, literature, and outreach during the time between the annual World Service Conferences.
The first WSC 2013 is the time for ratification by this year's voting body of those items which have been prepared during the past 15 years since our founding. It's  another step forward in developing a 12 Step organization that will ever better serve our primary purpose of staying abstinent and helping another compulsive eater to achieve and maintain abstinence.

The history of the preparation for WSC 2013  goes back over a decade and many people and committees have worked to bring our fellowship to this place. Previous WSC Committees have contributed to the process and to this WSC. All of the members who have done service in these past years have set stones on the path that we are continuing to walk upon now for  our first conference. The materials gathered and worked on in the past, the issues raised, the differences of opinions, and the products of the earlier work have brought us to this juncture. The histories of other 12 Step Fellowships show us similar events, a normal way of maturing as a 12 Step Program. Acceptance of the 12 Steps for individual recovery, acceptance and use of the 12 Traditions for the unity of our groups, committees, and homes, and acceptance and  application  of the 12 Concepts  allow us to serve the world of compulsive eaters who desire recovery.

"Progress not perfection." Groups and Intergroups and Board of Trustees: Let us participate in this GreySheeters Anonymous First World Service Conference to help our organization  develop and grow in recovery, unity and service.  If a group or intergroup has ideas about how to do something better,  please send your GSR and ISR to the conference, work in the committees, and vote. In our group conscience, changes can be manifest through participation, action, and service. In subsequent  World Service Conferences additional changes will manifest over the decades to come for the generations of compulsive eaters yet to come.

Unity and Responsibility Declarations: 
This we owe to GSA’s future: to place our common welfare first; to keep our Fellowship united.  For on GSA unity depends our lives and the lives of those to come.
I am Responsible.  When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of GSA always to be there.  And for that:  I am responsible.

A trusted servant: a person who has been elected or selected* by group conscience to serve the group, Intergroup, World Service Conference, or Board of Trustees. This position is one in which the person is given the Right of Decision and is entrusted with the responsibility to serve the constituency to the best of his or her ability. A trusted servant may be voted out of a position if the responsibility is no longer needed or is not adequately served.
*Selection means "going to the hat" which is a process used in 12 Step Programs to serve the group conscience after the Robert's Rules of Order process for voting has been unsuccessful in coming to agreement. The names of those still standing for election are placed in a hat and a name is drawn. This person becomes the trusted servant.

Right of Decision  is given to each trusted servant when elected or selected in order to receive the group conscience of the constituency; however, when the trusted servant has listened to all of the other trusted servants in an Intergroup, committee, World Service Conference or Board of Trustees,  the vote offered  is based on all of the information without the need to return to the initial group to receive its specific direction. To abstain from voting until the trusted servant receives the feedback from the constituency would make the person only a messenger and would unnecessarilydelay decision making. A trusted servant has the Right of Decision given the information that is available without returning to the Group to receive direction. We endow the trusted servant with trust to use the Right of Decision.

The group or Intergroup that sends the representative to the WSC is responsible for paying the costs (travel, lodging, food, registration, and additional expenses). How the group/Intergroup gathers money depends on its decision. Since the conference has been in discussion for years, some Intergroups saved money from the 7th tradition donations to send the delegate. Some Intergroups have enough money to support GSRs from their Intergroup, in addition to their Intergroup Service Representative. Some individual groups have maintained a substantial prudent reserve in anticipation of sending someone to the WSC. Some groups that have not collected 7th tradition for awhile, have decided to ask the members to donate more consistently each meeting for this specific purpose. Some groups may decide to explain to the members why sending a representative is an important choice and will now encourage members to perhaps participate more in the 7th tradition specifically for this purpose. Other groups pass the basket a second time for this purpose. Sometimes a GSR, ISR,  Board member, or other member may decide to offer a donation of money or mileage. Thus, there are many paths to the desired outcome of achieving representation for each group at the WSC.

The accountant determined by the Board of Trustees in September has promised to provide initial finding from meetings with the IRS and will develop next steps based on these discussions.