GreySheeters Anonymous

Motions and documents for the WSC

September 16, 2013

Here are the last versions of motions and documents for the delegates at the WSC. At the committee meetings prior to presentation and voting these might still be changed. For your convenience each document is in two versions (pdf and word) - same document.

Fellowship Communication Committee (FCC)

Motions in word     Motions in pdf

Logistics Committee/Conference Committee (LOG_CC)

Motions in word     Motions in pdf

Finance Committee (FC)

Finance Recommendation in word     Finance Recommendation in pdf

Motions in word     Motions in pd

Structue Committee (SC)

Bylaws Proposals in word     Bylaws Proposals in pdf

Structure Proposals in word     Structure Proposals in pdf

Public Information Committee

Motions in word     Motions in pdf

Can't Stop Eating in word     Can't Stop Eating in pdf

Literature Commitee (LC)

Introductory Statement-LC1 in word     Introductory Statement-LC1 in pdf

Conference Approved Literature Process-LC2     Conference Approved Literature Process-LC2 in pdf

Conference Approved Readings-LC3     Conference Approved Readings-LC3 in pdf

Closed Meeting Format-LC4     Closed Meeting Format-LC4 in pdf

Meeting Guidelines-LC5     Meeting Guidelines-LC5 in pdf

Meeting Format Guidelines-LC6     Meeting Format Guidelines-LC6 in pdf

GreyBook-LC7     GreyBook-LC7

GreySheet Food Plan-LC8     GreySheet Food Plan-LC8 in pdf

A solution for COE - changes-LC9     A solution for COE - changes-LC9 in pdf

A solution for COE-LC10 in pdf -ORIGINAL

GreySheet Recipes-LC11     GreySheet Recipes-LC11 in pdf

The List of Conference Approved Literature-LC12       The List of Conference Approved Literature-LC12