Service Matters - July 2023

Job Opportunity

Our GSA Public Information Committee is seeking a professional social media consultant to re-engage and subsequently improve/maintain our message of hope to still-suffering compulsive eater.

All submissions should be sent to

Additional GSA Podcast Episodes Available Now

Episodes 1-3 of The GreySheet Podcast are now available on Podbean and Amazon Music.

  1. Interview with a GreySheeter
  2. How I Knew I Was a Compulsive Eater
  3. Newcomer Experiences

We are working to get these available on other podcast hosting platforms, but until we do, you can find them by going to and downloading the app on whatever device you use to listen to podcasts.



Board of Trustees Column

My name is Joyce S. and I’m a compulsive overeater. On March 24, I celebrated 26 years of back-to-back abstinence. This is truly a miracle in my life, and I could not have done it without the fellowship of GSA.

One of the reasons the GSA solution works for me while diets fail is that I have the love and support of people who came before me. Now I strive to carry message to the next compulsive eater by doing service. I was the treasurer of my group in Kansas City for many years, and now I’m the treasurer of GSAWS. I’m also the Board liaison on the finance committee, and I’m the reporting treasurer of the phone bridge.

The greatest gift of providing service is that it brings me into contact with many members of the fellowship that I wouldn’t have otherwise known. One of the reasons GSA works is that we’re no longer isolated and alone. We need each other, and providing service has helped me out of the isolation of the disease. I also have the peace of knowing that I’m in some small way helping to spread the message to someone else in need. Doing service keeps me accountable and reinforces abstinence. I must be abstinent to sponsor and hold service positions. I’m less likely to break abstinence if I’m going to let other people down.

There are plenty of opportunities for service. I’ve focused on using my accounting background, but in the future, I hope to do service in other areas. At the World Service level, there are some projects that are short-term and temporary, and there are openings for ongoing committee work. The Board is currently looking for someone to serve as Secretary, Assistant Secretary and we need trustees from Europe and Iceland.

At the group level, we do service by showing up and sharing, but also by serving as booker, leader, qualifier, and timer. On an individual level, we provide service by simply listen to each other, sponsoring, and accepting phone calls. If you’re new to GSA, reach out through service. It works if you work it.

Joyce S.


GSA World Services Town Hall

Sunday, July 30, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm EDT
Zoom ID: 717 731 799

The Board of Trustees hosts quarterly Town Halls for the fellowship to ask questions, make suggestions, and raise concerns about the services provided by GSA World Services.


  • Your World Service Questions and Feedback
  • Special Topic: Why should I participate in the GreySheet Counts census?
  • Update on Progress on our Vision: When anyone, anywhere, realizes they have a problem with food, they think of the GreySheet solution.
    • Integrity of GreySheet Program
    • Literature
    • Public Information
    • Website
  • Presentations by Intergroups
    • Connecticut
    • Phone Bridge
    • NorthEast
    • Comunidad Hispana

Questions, suggestions, and feedback may be submitted anonymously in advance to

More information:


Register Your Group

Is your group meeting in person? Fabulous!! Don't forget to register with GSA!

We welcome your presence at the Intergroup meetings where you can learn the happenings within GreySheeters Anonymous as a whole and keep your group connected to the larger fellowship. We welcome your GSR as a delegate also to the GreySheeters Anonymous World Service Conference as well. But first your group has to be registered!

Go to the Group Registration Form on It's easy to fill out. We're so excited that you are meeting in person again!

Also please encourage your members to fill out the Census! That link can be found on the black banner at the top of the home page.


Census Update

The Census closes on August 6. We have a little over one month left. Please spread the word at all your meetings and keep encouraging people to participate! It takes only five minutes. It’s available in English, Spanish, Hebrew and Icelandic.

We know many places have more GreySheeters than are represented by the entries thus far. For example, only twenty-seven people from England have registered, only ten for Israel, and only ninety-five from New York. We know there are many more GreySheeters in these places.

It seems the majority of those filling out the census are new to GreySheet with under a year of abstinence. For some reason the mid-timers and long-timers seem to not be filling out the Census and we want to count everyone. The Census will help us know where to direct our attention for outreach and how much abstinence we have collectively.

We want you to be counted too!! We need your name, abstinence date, and location. Please respond to the Census at if you have not yet done so.




Traditions & Concepts Roundup

4 speakers will share their personal stories of applying the Concepts and Traditions in their work as delegates or other service positions. Each speaker shares ESH about one Tradition and one Concept for five minutes each. After the five minutes is up, we go to group questions or comments, totaling five minutes each. Then we move on to the next. It's a simple format, and it works.

This event will focus on Traditions 9, 10, 11, 12 and Concepts 9, 10, 11, 12Zoom in with us for 90 minutes on Sunday, August 27. It's a great meeting, and you'll learn a lot. We promise!!

More information:

Saturday, October 28 & Sunday, October 29, 2023

Senator Robert F. Wagner Middle School
220 E. 76th Street between 2nd & 3rd Avenues
New York, NY 10021

Volunteers Needed and Appreciated!

$10.00 Both Days

Please Contact the RoundUp Committee for Further Information:


Service Opportunities

GSA World Services provides many services to the world-wide fellowship, and we need you to make the magic happen.

Board of Trustees


The GSA Secretary records the minutes of the monthly Board of Trustees and the Chairs/ISRs meetings as well as the minutes of the World Service Conference.

Assistant Secretary

The GSA Assistant Secretary supports the secretary and manages GSAWS records in the GSAWS Google Drive.

Trustees: Iceland, Europe

Represent your area on the Board of Trustees. Ensure that your community is heard.

Board Requirements: Five years abstinence. Three-year term. 2-4 hours a month. or

Communication Committee

GSAWS Facebook Admins

  • Duties: Moderate the GSA World Services Facebook group to ensure posts meet criteria and that only existing GSA members join the group. Current trusted servant will train.
  • Abstinence: 1 year. Term: 1 year.
  • Time required: Few minutes daily.

Service Matters Publisher

  • Duties: Receives newsletter content in Word from Communication Committee by last day of the month. Copies, pastes, and formats in MailChimp Service Matters template. Posts same content into website blog. Publishes MailChimp newsletter by 7th of the next month. Current trusted servant will train.
  • Time Required: 2-3 hours a month.
  • Abstinence: 1 year. Term: 1 year.

Area Contacts List Coordinator

  • Duties: Add new contacts to the online list quarterly. Annually email all contacts to verify that they respond within 24 hours.
  • Time Required: 2-3 hours a month.
  • Abstinence: 1 year. Term: 1 year.

Start-Up Sponsor Team

  • Want to get newcomers started in their GreySheet abstinence and help them get connected? The Start Up Sponsor Team needs more women living in North America, especially those available during the day.
  • Training and mentoring provided. Requires responding to Coordinator’s WhatsApp text within two hours with your availability and starting off your share of newcomers.
  • Abstinence: 1 year. Term: 1 year.

GSAWS 2023 Direct 7th Tradition Donations

Month Donations
February $3,198
March $1,762
Target $42,000
Achieved %37.24%

2023 GreySheeters Anonymous World Service Conference Meeting

October 22nd, 2023

9:30am to 2:30pm ET, via Zoom

Registration for our 8th World Service Conference meeting will open the first week in March 2023. It is a very powerful time for the growth of GreySheeters Anonymous. The World Service conference committees are working diligently on guidelines and policies to support our fellowship. 

If you are an ISR or represent a group as a GSR, please consider registering as a delegate for our World Service Conference meeting so your group will have input on the proposals presented at the WSC.  All of the information will be in the link below. We will update the information regularly! There will also be delegate training as we get closer.

We have made some exciting changes for 2023. World Service Specialists, i.e. the Service Matters Coordinator, can be voting members at the World Service Conference. The total number of registrants will determine the number of specialists spaces available. Those elected by the board or a committee as a specialist should register as well. 

We are working diligently as a committee and would welcome 1 or 2 new members. 

This will be our third Zoom WSC meeting! It is very exciting to see your fellow abstinent service-mongers and communicate the information to your groups or intergroups!

SAVE the DATE and we’ll see you then!


When anyone, anywhere realizes they have a problem with food,
I want them to think of the GreySheet solution.
For that I am responsible.

Service Matters - August 2023
Service Matters - June 2023
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