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When anyone, anywhere, realizes they have a problem with food, I want them to think of the GreySheet solution. For that, I am responsible.

GSA Responsibility Statement

Recommended Activities for Attracting New Members

Use items from the following list to spread the word about GSA and what it offers to the compulsive eater who still suffers.

  1. Place a public announcement in your local newspaper—e.g., Calendar of Events, Self-Help Directory, etc.
  2. Post the Can’t Stop Eating Flyer  and/or meeting lists at the following suggested locations:
    • Grocery stores
    • Laundromats
    • Coffee Shops
    • Health Clubs
    • Colleges/Universities
    • Churches
    • Hospitals, treatment centers, convalescent/nursing homes
    • Senior Centers
    • Hotels—lobby & front desks
  3. Distribute appropriate GSA pamphlets to the following locations:
    • Appropriate places from the previous list
    • Church literature racks
    • Bookmobiles
    • Hospital reading rooms and carts and waiting areas
    • Information table at health fairs
  4. Send appropriate Outreach Letter—General Purpose or Health Professional—with appropriate enclosures to the following:
    • Physicians (primary care, bariatric, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, etc.)
    • Human Resource (HR) directors & Employee Assistant Program (EAP) counselors
    • Counselors/Therapists/Social Workers—targeting eating disorders and addiction specialists
    • 24 Hour Crisis Hotlines
  5. Contact local radio and television stations for Public Service Announcements—following Media Guidelines found on pages 8-9.
  6. Schedule time before or after a meeting to prepare packets for mailing. Outreach packets might include:
    • Outreach Letter—General Purpose
    • Outreach Letter—Health Professional
    • Can’t Stop Eating Flyer
    • Meeting List
    • A Solution for Compulsive Eaters

What Not to Do

The following activities are NOT suggested for attracting members because they are considered promotional in nature and Tradition 11 tells us that “Our public information policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press radio and film.”

  • Taking out paid advertisements in newspapers, radio, television broadcasts or billboards to notify the public of a meeting or any other GSA activity.
  • Handing out flyers at fairs, conventions, malls, or public gatherings.
  • Promoting the GSA fellowship through business publications or catalogs.
  • Anything that does not protect the anonymity of other GSA members.
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