Style Guide

The World Service Conference Website Committee is developing a Style Guide to ensure that all documents published internally and externally conform to best practices for presentation and readability while maintaining a consistent GreySheeters Anonymous appearance. That guide will include logo variants and templates for Microsoft Office and Mailchimp, as well as a final color palette. Our current logos and recommended fonts for literature and other public documents are available below.

Spelling, Spacing, and Capitalization

Because our 1998 Articles of Incorporation use this spelling, “GreySheet” is spelled with an “e”, one word, with capitalization of the “S.”

As in:

  • GreySheeters Anonymous
  • GreySheeters Anonymous World Services
  • The GreySheet (food plan)
  • GreySheeters (us)

GSA Logos (web and print)

These logos are GreySheeters Anonymous World Services intellectual property, with a registered trademark. Please do not use them without written permission from GSAWS, Inc. Registered GSA groups and intergroups have limited permission (policy needed).

GSA Fonts (Ultra, Merriweather, and Source Sans Pro)

Font Families

The fonts are free fonts available from Google Fonts. Anyone can use them for personal or professional purposes. They were chosen for contrast, readability, and the ability to provide a consistent experience across web, print, and email.

  • Our published literature uses Merriweather (serif) for body text and Source Sans Pro (sans serif) for headings.
  • The website is meant to use Source Sans Pro for body text and some headings, and Merriweather for call-out text and some headings.
  • The Ultra font is a display font for large type. It is used primarily for the words "GreySheeters Anonymous" when used as logo text.

Board of Trustees Interim Style Guide

The GSAWS Board of Trustees has produced an Interim Style Guide as a Microsoft Word template meant primarily for committee reports and agendas and minutes of official meetings. This guide uses the system font Calibri throughout.

Labeling Electronic Documents

It is imperative that we create a file labeling system that works for our member volunteers. Abbreviating and using the space bar will allow a file name up to 17 letters or characters.

Dates and Times

  • International Date Format (ISO) YYYYMMDD
  • International Time 1-24


  • Agenda = A
  • Audio Recording = AR
  • Draft = DR
  • Final Document = FD
  • Final Report = FR
  • Historical = H
  • Letter = L
  • Policy = PO
  • Streaming Live = S
  • Treasurer’s Report = TR
  • Video Recording = VR


  • Chairs and ISRs = CHISR
  • Committee Chairs = COCH
  • Committees Connecting = COCO
  • Concepts = C
  • Town Hall = TH
  • Traditions = T


  • AAA Africa Australia Asia (not active)
  • CT Connecticut
  • EUR European
  • ICE Iceland
  • ISL Israel
  • MW MidWest
  • NE NorthEast (not active)
  • NYM New York Metro
  • SS Southern States
  • WSI Western States

World Service Conference Committees

  • AC Archives
  • CC Communication
  • ConC Conference
  • FC Finance
  • LC Literature
  • PIC Public Information
  • SC Structure
  • WC Website

Group Abbreviations

Until we have a group registration and numbering system and groups can be distinguished by their unique Registration Number, the only way we can be sure to distinguish our 150+ groups is to use the following:

  • In-Person: If the Group usually meets in-person, specify the Country or State, City, Day, Time, and Time Zone: TX HOU SAT 0900 CT or ICE REY MON 2000 GMT
  • Phone Bridge: If the Group usually meets on the Phone Bridge, specify PBIG for the Phone Bridge Intergroup and give the Day and Time in US Eastern: PBIG THU 0700.
  • If the Group usually meets on Zoom, another video service, or another phone service, specify Zoom or Skype or Phone, Day, Time, and Intergroup. Use the accepted time zone for that intergroup: ZOOM MON 2000 GMT EIG or SKYPE TUE 1930 AET AAA or PHONE SUN 1600 ET NYMIG
  • If the Group has more than one meeting, include all meetings: NY MAN SUN 1000 & 1100 ET or NY QUE TUE & THU 1745 ET
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