Past Conferences

These proposals have been approved for interim implementation by the Board of Trustees and by the ISRS and Committee Chairs. They will be submitted to the World Service Conference for approval. If approved, they will become part of the GSA Service Manual, and you will find the final documents there. 

Interim proposals get added gradually over the course of the Conference year. Some proposals are approved for interim implementation too late to be added to the current year’s conference meeting agenda. We will implement them on an interim basis until the following year’s conference meeting.


Instead of a World Service Conference, GSAWS held a two-hour video forum on Saturday October 17th. All GSA members were invited to attend. The first hour was dedicated to committee reports. The second hour was devoted to the GreySheet Committee's report, "GreySheet Abstinence: Clarifications and Guidelines."

WSC 2020 was postponed.

In consultation with the Conference Committee and the other World Service Conference committees, the Board of Trustees has decided to postpone the conference until October 15-17, 2021.

The World Service Conference is the business meeting of the worldwide fellowship. It is where we send our group and intergroup representatives to make decisions on motions brought by the ten committees and board. Typically, over the course of about 16 hours of meetings, the delegates discuss and decide on approximately 20 motions related to matters affecting GreySheeters Anonymous as a whole. Currently the committees report that they will only have between five and ten motions – mostly from one committee. Most committees are fully engaged implementing the decisions of the last conference and will not be proposing any new projects this year. Therefore, there simply isn’t enough business to conduct to merit the time, effort, and cost of assembling our delegates in Chicago in October.

WSC 2019 took place September 20 – 22, 2019 in Chicago.

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