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Our monthly World Service Newsletter keeps GSA members in the know about what's happening at GreySheeters Anonymous World Services and how to be of service in this global community.

Member contributions are welcome. If you would like to write for Service Matters, email the Communication Committee at

Service Matters - June 2023

The Public Information Committee Needs Your Story

GreySheeters with 90+ days of abstinence, we would love to receive your written qualification to be posted on our website under the Stories section. Your story means so much to us and our community. The more stories we publish, the more newcomers will be able to identify with our experiences. Just tell us

  • What did it look like when you were eating compulsively?
  • What happened? 
  • What does your abstinent life look like today? 

We want to hear from you! Please


Board of Trustees Column

Hi GreySheet family,

I weigh and measure my food three times a day off the GreySheet and I don't eat no matter what!

Repeating this mantra has helped me to get and stay abstinent for almost 38 years. Saying mantras has been instrumental in helping me to block out the deep-seated voices of my disease that in the past have led me to picking up that first bite. Over the years I have been faced with many good and bad "no matter whats" and am grateful that by staying abstinent I am living a life I never dreamed possible.

It has been an honor to serve on the Board of Trustees for almost three years and doing this service has helped me stay close to the GreySheet community. As a BOT member I also serve as the liaison to the Public Information Committee. We are a small group of GSA members who meet on the first Sunday of every month to discuss ways in which we can help carry the GSA message through utilizing different avenues of Public Information.

We are always looking for new volunteer members to join our tight knit group. You don't have to be a GSR or ISR to serve as a volunteer on a committee. If you are looking for ways to do service and stay connected outside of meetings, consider joining a committee. It can be hugely gratifying!

Anne G. 


GSA World Services Town Hall

Sunday, July 30, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm EDT
Zoom ID: 717 731 799

The Board of Trustees hosts quarterly Town Halls for the fellowship to ask questions, make suggestions, and raise concerns about the services provided by GSA World Services.


  • Your World Service Questions and Feedback
  • Special Topic: Why should I participate in the GreySheet Counts census?
  • Update on Progress on our Vision: When anyone, anywhere, realizes they have a problem with food, they think of the GreySheet solution.
    • Integrity of GreySheet Program
    • Literature
    • Public Information
    • Website
  • Presentations by Intergroups
    • Connecticut
    • Phone Bridge
    • NorthEast
    • Comunidad Hispana

Questions, suggestions, and feedback may be submitted anonymously in advance to

More information:


GSA World Services Facebook Group

Join the GSA World Services Facebook Group to keep up with all the latest announcements. Since it's a secret, private group, email for a time-sensitive link to join.

This Facebook group is NOT the meeting before the meeting; it's not the meeting; it's not the meeting after the meeting. It is Any GreySheet-related Announcements? during the meeting.

  • Post group information like a new meeting, changing the format of your meeting, needing trusted servants for your meeting.
  • Post intergroup information like changes to your intergroup meeting schedule, service opportunities in the intergroup, new services offered by your intergroup like a WhatsApp group, a YouTube Channel, or a podcast.
  • Post announcements about events that have been approved by the Public Information Committee for publication by GSA World Services Retreats, roundups, gatherings, speaker blasts, and meeting marathons are all welcome.
  • Post World Service Conference committee information like a new way to register for Start Up Sponsor training, delegate training, delegate registration, service positions on your committee, improvements to the group registration process, the launch of the GreySheet Counts census, and 25thanniversary celebrations.


GreySheet Counts Census Update

Thank you all for your participation in the Census so far! Here are some of the data so far.

  • 274 English speakers (215 living in the US in 32 states)
  • 68 Spanish speakers (in 11 countries)
  • 11 Hebrew speakers
  • 4 Icelandic speakers
  • 59 Non-USA GreySheeters

We want you to be counted too!! We are not only trying to find out how many GreySheeters there are but also, where you are, your abstinent time, and how you heard about GSA. Also, as part of the Census you can sign up for the password-protected phone list and volunteer as an area contact. We need your name, abstinence date, and location. Please respond to the Census at if you have not yet done so.

More questions? Email


 Group Service Representative Training

  • Sunday, July 9, 2023, 10am EDT
  • Tuesday, July 11, 2023, 6pm EDT

Ever wondered about serving your group as their Group Service Representative (GSR)? GSRs play a vital role connecting their groups to our GSA service structure.

All current or new GSRs and all those interested in learning more are invited. Registration requested but not required.

The first Sunday in January, April, July and October at 10 AM ET on Zoom ID 896 6591 9622 with GSA passcode.

The first Tuesday in January, April, July and October at 6 PM ET on Zoom ID 838 9475 2685 with GSA passcode.

Questions? or +1-832-856-1058

Honesty, Hope, Humility and Humor

August 18-20, 2023, from 4 pm Friday to 1 pm Sunday

Alton L. Colllins Retreat Center
32867 OR-211, Eagle Creek, OR 97022

  • Shared room – $335
  • Private room – $395
  • Includes 6 meals (Friday dinner - Sunday lunch) and 2 nights lodging (Friday and Saturday)
  • Registration Fee due by June 1, 2023

Service Opportunities

GSA World Services provides many services to the world-wide fellowship, and we need you to make the magic happen.

Board of Trustees


The GSA Secretary records the minutes of the monthly Board of Trustees and the Chairs/ISRs meetings as well as the minutes of the World Service Conference.

Assistant Secretary

The GSA Assistant Secretary supports the secretary and manages GSAWS records in the GSAWS Google Drive.

Trustees: Iceland, Europe

Represent your area on the Board of Trustees. Ensure that your community is heard.

Board Requirements: Five years abstinence. Three-year term. 2-4 hours a month. or

Communication Committee

GSAWS Facebook Admins

  • Duties: Moderate the GSA World Services Facebook group to ensure posts meet criteria and that only existing GSA members join the group. Current trusted servant will train.
  • Abstinence: 1 year. Term: 1 year.
  • Time required: Few minutes daily.

Service Matters Publisher

  • Duties: Receives newsletter content in Word from Communication Committee by last day of the month. Copies, pastes, and formats in MailChimp Service Matters template. Posts same content into website blog. Publishes MailChimp newsletter by 7th of the next month. Current trusted servant will train.
  • Time Required: 2-3 hours a month.
  • Abstinence: 1 year. Term: 1 year.

Area Contacts List Coordinator

  • Duties: Add new contacts to the online list quarterly. Annually email all contacts to verify that they respond within 24 hours.
  • Time Required: 2-3 hours a month.
  • Abstinence: 1 year. Term: 1 year.

Start-Up Sponsor Team

  • Want to get newcomers started in their GreySheet abstinence and help them get connected? The Start Up Sponsor Team needs more women living in North America, especially those available during the day.
  • Training and mentoring provided. Requires responding to Coordinator’s WhatsApp text within two hours with your availability and starting off your share of newcomers.
  • Abstinence: 1 year. Term: 1 year.

GSAWS 2023 Direct 7th Tradition Donations

Month Donations
February $3,198
March $1,762
Total  $11,587
Target $42,000
Achieved %27.59%

2023 GreySheeters Anonymous World Service Conference Meeting

October 22nd, 2023

9:30am to 2:30pm ET, via Zoom

Registration for our 8th World Service Conference meeting will open the first week in March 2023. It is a very powerful time for the growth of GreySheeters Anonymous. The World Service conference committees are working diligently on guidelines and policies to support our fellowship. 

If you are an ISR or represent a group as a GSR, please consider registering as a delegate for our World Service Conference meeting so your group will have input on the proposals presented at the WSC.  All of the information will be in the link below. We will update the information regularly! There will also be delegate training as we get closer.

We have made some exciting changes for 2023. World Service Specialists, i.e. the Service Matters Coordinator, can be voting members at the World Service Conference. The total number of registrants will determine the number of specialists spaces available. Those elected by the board or a committee as a specialist should register as well. 

We are working diligently as a committee and would welcome 1 or 2 new members. 

This will be our third Zoom WSC meeting! It is very exciting to see your fellow abstinent service-mongers and communicate the information to your groups or intergroups!

SAVE the DATE and we’ll see you then!


When anyone, anywhere realizes they have a problem with food,
I want them to think of the GreySheet solution.
For that I am responsible.

Service Matters - May 2023
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