Structure Committee

Group Registrar

The Group Registrar maintains the spreadsheet of registered GreySheeters Anonymous Groups and updates the meeting calendar on the website. The purpose of the Group Registration is so that each group may elect and register a delegate to the World Service Conference and have a voice in GreySheeters Anonymous. The purpose of the Meeting Calendar is to carry the GreySheet message by allowing people to attend our meetings. The current registrar will train. THIS IS A DELEGATE-ELIGIBLE POSITION. This means that the registrar may vote in the World Service Conference.

Requirements: One-year GreySheet abstinence. Two-year term. 2-4 hours per month. Comfortable with Google Drive, Google Sheets, MS Excel, and general internet skills.

Structure Committee Members

The Structure Committee needs new members who are interested in our newest projects: publishing our Service Manual and drafting our Conference Charter. These exciting, long-awaited documents will provide the structure for our fellowship that our GreySheet provides for each of us.

Requirements: Volunteers have 90 days abstinence, GSRs have one year of abstinence. Two-year term. 2-4 hours a month. or

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