25th Anniversary

GreySheeters Anonymous celebrates 25 years as a Twelve Step fellowship on April 6, 2023


GreySheeters Anonymous as a separate Twelve Step Fellowship was born in New York when the New York City GreySheet community incorporated GSA World Services as a non-profit in New York State.


The purpose of the new organization was to support all of the individual and group members around the world in our primary purpose – to stay abstinent and carry the GreySheet message to the still suffering compulsive eater.


Since our formation in 1998, we have established a Board of Trustees and a World Service Conference to carry out the fellowship’s group conscience.

The World Service Conference consists of nine committees of elected delegates to the conference and volunteers.

GreySheeters Anonymous consists of ten intergroups organized regionally or by meeting medium or language to support the groups.

Celebrate with us!

All of the structure supports us as we live happy, joyous, and free in the GreySheet solution and helps us reach those who haven’t heard of the GreySheet solution yet.

More information  GreySheet@greysheet.org

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