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GreySheeters Anonymous (GSA) is a non-profit organization with one primary purpose – to help members stay abstinent and to help members carry the message to the next compulsive eater. While we model ourselves on A.A., we have evolved in different ways over the years to support that purpose.

Organizational Model

We start with the A.A. model for our organization of an inverted triangle. The top of the triangle is the groups. Groups are two or more members who come together to support their own abstinence and help others to achieve abstinence. They do that by having regular meetings to share the message. Currently GSA has 152 registered groups with 192 meetings.

To support our individual abstinence and to have effective group meetings, we need certain things such as

  • Literature, like GreySheets, meeting formats, pamphlets, and books
  • Meeting Information such as a printed meeting list or a website to let others know their meeting time and place
  • Public Information to tell the community that the group exists: pamphlets, meeting lists, flyers, business cards, templates to write letters to health professionals, public service announcements to provide to radio stations, and guidelines for how to use the media out to get the message

Since all GSers and all GSA groups need these things, it makes sense for us to come together to create them. That’s where World Services come in – to provide those services that everyone needs. To do this, we need two things:

  1. A legal entity to represent us to outside entities like A.A. and O.A. and to sign contracts and
  2. A way for the groups to tell the Board of Trustees what they want these services to look like.

In 1998, we incorporated as GSAWS to create the legal entity and made a Board of Trustees responsible for executing the decisions of the groups. But we had no way for the groups to communicate with the board.

The GSA World Service Conference

In 2008, the Board of Trustees designed the World Service Conference (WSC) as a structure for groups to communicate with the Board of Trustees. Every group and every intergroup particpates in the Conference via its elected representative, and each member of the Board of Trustees also serves as a delegate. This broad participation enables the World Service Conference to be "the active voice and the effective conscience of our whole Society in its world affairs," as Concept II states.


Vision for World Service

The big dream for World Service is that everyone in the world knows what GreySheet is so that whenever anyone realizes they have a problem with food, GreySheet is one of the options they have available to them. 


Board of Trustees

GSAWS Board of Trustees’ primary purpose is to run the business of the organization and to protect the program by protecting the GreySheet food plan and ensuring that the organization operates as a Twelve Step program based on the Traditions and Concepts. The Board of Trustees’ function is to execute the direction of the Conference while protecting the program.


GreySheeters Anonymous World Services, Inc.

Find corporate, legal, and financial information such as bylaws and financial information, in addition to our website privacy policy and terms of service.

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