Archives Committee Minutes

Regular Meeting and Contact

First Sunday of the month at 1100 ET via Video/Phone

Contact email address:


The purpose of the Archives Committee is to collect, organize, categorize, copy, preserve and electronically store historically valued documents, digital materials, printed materials, and historical items of GreySheeters Anonymous World Services, Inc.



Since our last report, submitted in March 2019, the Archives Committee met once a month:

  • The Archives Committee created a YouTube channel to help new archivists with basic archiving and computer skills. This channel has 12 videos:
    • Organize Before You Archive
    • Adding a Document to the Index
    • Numbering Pages (Physical Documents)
    • Upload a Single File or Two and Saving the Invitation
    • Uploading Many Files to the Archives and Saving the Invitation
    • Convert a Word Document to a PDF Document
    • Convert a pdf Document to a pdf/a Document
    • Free Online Document Converter
    • Basic # 1 Screenshot of Your Desktop Screen
    • Basic # 2 com
    • Basic # 3 Find the GSA Public Information Manual on the GreySheet Website
    • Basic # 4 Saving an Email to Your Desktop
  • The Committee also created a second YouTube Channel: GSA Archives Chair. The advanced videos were transferred to this channel. The seven videos are:
    • Advanced # 1 Opening an Extension You Do Not Recognize
    • Advanced # 2 Files that begin with ~ $ rather than letters
    • Advanced # 3 DS Store Document
    • Advanced # 4 No Application Set to Open the Document (221 views)
    • Advanced # 5 Open a Blocked Older Document
    • Advanced # 6 Compatibility Mode
    • Advanced # 7 Can’t Save No Permission
  • With the belief that some GreySheeters may have older documents on their desktop, we also created a GSA Archives Crowdsourcing Google Site on the GSA Archives Google Site (which is privately owned) for those people to upload any documents themselves at:
  • GreySheeters have uploaded files to the GSAWS, WSC, Worldwide Phone List, Intergroups and Committees folders
  • We have indexed one third of the “K.H. Folder” (GSAWS Secretary 2004-2008).
  • We archive physical documents at a storage facility in Garden City, NY, that specializes in storage for medical records. The cost to GSAWS is $40/month.


During 2020-2021, we plan to:

  • Continue to index the “K. H. Folder” to
  • Begin indexing the “J. H. Folder.” J was president of GreySheeters Anonymous World Services when we held our first World Service Conference in
  • Develop an Archives Committee Handbook
  • Explore the procedure for creating a master list
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