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Any two members of GreySheeters Anonymous may form a GreySheeters Anonymous Group. Any GSA group may register with GreySheeters Anonymous World Services (GSAWS). There are many benefits to registering. Registered groups receive access to World Services such as to list their meetings, GreySheet literature, and participation in decision making through the World Service Conference. Registered groups also receive access to services provided by their Area Intergroup such as purchasing GreySheets, area-specific websites, Zoom accounts, and local events.

Groups and Meetings

The primary purpose of meetings of GSA groups is to help the members of the group to stay abstinent and to help other compulsive eaters achieve abstinence. Typically, groups meet at regular intervals, such as weekly or daily, on an indefinite basis.

Meetings take place in real time. A GSA group may hold its meetings in person, on a telephone conference bridge, on a video conferencing platform, or as a hybrid, with some members attending in person and some by video or telephone.


  1. A GSA group may have meetings with a special focus such as gender-specific meetings, problems with GreySheet abstinent substances, or multiple addictions.
  2. A GSA group may have one or more meetings. For example, one group may meet every day at 5 PM ET with different trusted servants for each meeting but one Group Service Representative (GSR) for the group.

What a Meeting Is Not

Meetings of GSA groups are distinct from meetings of members of GSA for other purposes such as

  • Working the Twelve Steps in an AWOL (A Way of Life) or in a “Back to Basics” meeting series.
  • Studying books not published by GSA or A.A. in a book study.
  • Conducting a series of meetings in a round up, retreat, or other short-term gathering.

Those meetings can be valuable to GreySheeters, but they are not meetings of GSA groups. They may be closed, i.e., only registrants may attend. They may have requirements such as attendance or working the steps in a particular way.  

Groups and Intergroups

Each registered GSA group is part of an area intergroup and elects a Group Service Representative to represent it at meetings of that intergroup and at the World Service Conference. Groups with in-person and hybrid meetings belong to the intergroup for their geographical area. Groups that meet only via video conference choose their intergroup and use that intergroup's conferencing platform. Most groups whose meetings take place via telephone conference belong to the Phone Bridge Intergroup, but a group that uses a different telephone conference line may elect to join a different intergroup.

Registration Criteria

In order to register as a GreySheeters Anonymous (GSA) group, all of the following criteria must be met:

  1. The group consists of two or more members of GSA who come together to share their experience, strength, and hope on GreySheet abstinence as defined by the Greysheeters Anonymous-copyrighted GreySheet food plan.
  2. All meeting leaders or qualifiers are qualified GreySheet sponsors, i.e., they have at least 90 days of back-to-back GreySheet abstinence.
  3. A GSA group ensures that the GreySheet always comes with a sponsor at its meetings. If someone does not have a sponsor, the group will assist them in finding a qualified GreySheet sponsor. The GreySheet food plan is not displayed openly or made available to people without a qualified GreySheet sponsor.
  4. In accordance with Traditions Four, Five and Six, a group may register as a GSA group provided it has no other affiliation.
    • Groups may want to consider the nature of announcements made during their meetings. Announcements of non-GSA events may imply affiliation or endorsement.
  5. A GSA group uses only GSA and A.A. Conference Approved Literature in its meetings.
    • Using literature other than GSA and A.A. Conference Approved Literature may imply affiliation or endorsement of the author or publisher. This would be a violation of Tradition Six.
    • Using literature other than GSA and A.A. Conference Approved Literature risks confusing or diluting the GreySheet message. We can only be assured that A.A. and GSA Conference Approved Literature reflects the GreySheet message.
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