Ordering GreySheets

Only Intergroups Can Purchase GreySheets from GSAWS

In order to obtain copies of the GreySheet, please email foodplan@greysheet.org. Include the name of the Intergroup you are ordering for, the number of GreySheets and your full name and mailing address. The cost will be $1 per GreySheet plus shipping.

Registered GreySheet groups (i.e., those whose trusted servants are qualified GreySheet food sponsors) purchase GreySheets from their area intergroup. Or if they don't belong to any intergroup they can purchase from nearest (or other) intergroup. Qualified GreySheet food sponsors (90 days or more of back-to-back GS abstinence) who are not members of registered groups can also purchase GreySheets from the nearest intergroup.

Order GreySheets from Your Intergroup

Connecticut Peggy M., ISR CTIG-ISR@greysheet.or
Europe Pat M. patm7102@yahoo.com
Iceland Maria S., ISR Iceland-ISR@greysheet.org
NorthEast Jo P., ISR NorthEast-ISR@greysheet.org
New York Metro Sheila R., Treasurer GreysheetNY@gmail.com
Southern States Kay H., Treasurer kayh53081@yahoo.com
Western States Maggie M. macmaggie@mac.com
Phone Bridge Kris W., Secretary kristiweir@aol.com


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