Anniversary Donations

Making an anniversary donation to GSAWS is a way to acknowledge the fellowship that supports our abstinence. It helps support our Primary Purpose of carrying the message to the compulsive eater who still suffers.

Birthdays, Gifts, and GSAWS

GreySheeters Anonymous World Services, Inc. filed for incorporation on April 6th, 1998. That makes April 6th GSA’s birthday. 

In many Twelve-Step fellowships, members make special donations to World Service to recognize their own anniversaries and the fellowship’s “birthday.” Some members also make donations in honor of a sponsor’s or sponsee’s abstinence.

Doesn’t my group donate to GSAWS?

Yes, if your group has money remaining after paying its expenses and setting aside a prudent reserve. If your group has not been contributing, ask your group treasurer about passing a second basket just for GSAWS. However, GSAWS still depends on contributions from individual GSA members.

How much should I give?

For GSA’s birthday, we suggest a donation of $1 for every year since 1998. That would be $24 in 2022. You don’t have to make your gift on April 6th—donations are welcome at any time. There is a $6,000 annual limit on donations to GSAWS from any individual GreySheeter for any purpose.

If every GSA member made this annual contribution, GSAWS would have enough money to hold a World Service Conference every year.

If you are celebrating multiple years of abstinence, consider donating $1 for each year you have been abstinent. You can add this amount to your annual donation, or make a monthly donation in this amount. Remember to include "Anniversary Donation" in the note (checks, PayPal, and GiveLively).

Spread the Word

Download the Anniversary Donations flyer to email or print and share with your group.

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