GSA Service Structure

As approved by WSC2013, GreySheeters Anonymous has three organizational levels: local groups, area intergroups, and the World Service Conference. 

  1. Local groups consist of two or more members of GreySheeters Anonymous who meet regularly to support our primary purpose – to stay abstinent and help another compulsive eater to achieve abstinence. Each group elects one Group Service Representative (GSR) to serve as a member of the area intergroup and the World Service Conference.
  2. Area intergroups consist of a collection of groups which work together to support the member groups in our primary purpose. The member GSRs elect one Intergroup Service Representative (ISR) to serve the fellowship as a delegate of the World Service Conference. The ISR is only elected by those who are themselves elected by the groups, i.e., the GSRs.
  3. The World Service Conference is both an organizational level and a business meeting. The World Service Conference consists of elected delegates who work throughout the year on boards and committees to address issues that affect GreySheeters Anonymous as a whole. They prepare proposals for consideration at regular World Service Conference meetings to address concerns brought to their attention.

In a change from the WSC2013-approved structure, GSRs will join ISRs and the Board of Trustees as delegates to the World Service Conference.

Together with the Board of Trustees, the GSA groups, intergroups, and World Service Conference form the traditional inverted pyramid structure of 12-Step fellowships.

 Illustration of the service structure of GSA, showing an inverted pyramid with groups at the top, followed by area intergroups, followed by World Service Conference, with the Board of Trustees at the bottom. Arrows indicate the direction of representation: GSRs to Intergroups and the World Service Conference, ISRs to the World Service Conference, Trustees to the World Service Conference.

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