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Phone Bridge


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The Phone Bridge Intergroup (PBIG) has been active since 2008, with an average Intergroup meeting attendance of 8 to 25 interested members from the 75 phone meetings. 

Meetings: Quarterly on the 2nd Sunday at 15:00 (3 PM) Eastern.

Statement of Purpose of The GSA Phone Bridge Intergroup

The General Service Representatives of the GSA Phone Bridge meet regularly in abstinence and service to discuss the interests (brought forth by group conscience) of the groups we serve, and to elect Area Delegates to bring those concerns to the GSA World Service Conference.

PBIG Meetings and Groups

The GSA phone bridge is a place where men and women gather in a “virtual” room on the telephone to share their experience, strength and hope as it relates to GreySheet abstinence. There are over 75 meetings per week many times throughout the day. The topics vary and include: Beginners Meetings, Relapse and Recovery Meetings, Qualification Meetings, Big Book Meetings, 12 & 12 Meetings, As Bill Sees It Meetings, Came to Believe Meetings, Step Meetings and Traditions Meetings.  Standard long-distance charges will apply. Come and join us!

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