What Is a GSA Meeting?

The primary purpose of meetings of GreySheeters Anonymous groups is to help the members of the group to stay abstinent and to help other compulsive eaters achieve abstinence. Typically, groups meet at regular intervals, such as weekly or daily, on an indefinite basis. At meetings, abstinent GreySheeters share their experience, strength, and hope with the group in accordance with the GSA Group Purpose.

Meetings take place in real time and follow a regular format. A GSA group may hold its meetings in person, on a telephone conference bridge, on a video conferencing platform, or as a hybrid, with some members attending in person and some by video or telephone. No matter where you are in the world, you can get to a meeting.

A GSA meeting is defined as follows:

  • Any two members of GSA who come together to share their experience, strength, and hope on GreySheet abstinence.
  • All trusted servants and all meeting leaders and qualifiers are qualified GS sponsors, i.e., they have at least 90 days of back-to-back GS abstinence.
  • The GreySheet always comes with a sponsor.

In accordance with Traditions Four, Five and Six, a meeting of GSA may become a registered GSA group provided they have no other affiliation. That is, they are not registered with any other Twelve Step fellowships such as Overeaters Anonymous or Clutterers Anonymous as a meeting of that fellowship. A GSA group may collaborate with other fellowships on local services such as meeting lists. For example, many local OA areas or regions are happy to list GSA meetings on their meeting lists and websites.

Every meeting is a little different. We encourage you to try several meetings before deciding whether GreySheeters Anonymous is right for you.

What a Meeting Is Not

Meetings of GSA groups which are listed on the Find a Meeting page are distinct from meetings of members of GSA for other purposes such as

  • Working the Twelve Steps in an AWOL (A Way of Life) or in a “Back to Basics” meeting series.
  • Studying books not published by GSA or A.A. in a book study.
  • Conducting a series of meetings in a round up, retreat, or other short-term gathering.

Those meetings can be valuable to GreySheeters, but they are not meetings of GSA groups. They may be closed, i.e., only registrants may attend. They may have requirements such as a minimum period of abstinence, regular attendance, or working the steps in a particular way. If you are interested in participating in one of these other meetings, talk to your sponsor or inquire on the GreyNet.

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