GreySheeters Anonymous

Service Matters • SPECIAL ADDITION • March 2020

GreySheet Faces COVID-19 No Matter What !

Plan, Prepare, Protect and ….Don’t Panic!

We in GSA have a long legacy of staying abstinent no matter what, without exception, and this coronavirus may be the biggest no matter what in our history that we are facing all across the globe in different ways. In GreySheet, we come together when we’re in trouble. We don’t isolate. This is a ‘we’ program and we don’t eat no matter what. 
This situation amplifies how important it is to stick to the basics: continue to make regular, frequent outreach calls, try to get to 1-3 meetings per week, have a reasonable amount of back-up food, and more than ever,  avoid isolation from other GreySheet members.  Together we are stronger, and we protect our abstinence.
In the USA and across the world, as many houses of worship, hospitals and community centers have restricted access, remember that we have options to stay connected.  During this unusual time of COVID 19, it’s important to come together, and we GreySheeters have learned over the last several years how to do this globally using technology. Phone bridge, Skype and Zoom meetings, FaceTime and WhatsApp video phone calls are easily accessible via traditional landlines, desktop computers or mobile devices and phones.  
There are so many questions right now, and no one has all the answers. That’s why the Communications Committee decided to host a Zoom meeting twice on the same day, Saturday, March 28, so that as many of us as possible all over the world can come together and do what we do best: share our experience, strength and hope by offering positive pitches on GS Abstinence. What are we doing to plan, prepare and protect? What is helping us? What is working to get from one meal to the next without panicking? How can we help each other? How are you coping?

If you can’t come to the first meeting at 8:00 AM EDT, we hope you can make it to the other one at 2:00 PM EDT! And remember, this will be recorded on the Southwest Intergroup YouTube Channel so if you miss it, you can listen at your convenience!
These will be one-hour meetings with 2-minute timed shares so as many people as possible can speak. We will use the “Raise Hand” function on the Zoom channel so as not to miss people who want to share.
Some of us may not know how to get on a Zoom meeting. But many of us do, so please reach out and ask!!  Some GreySheeters may not have a computer equipped with a microphone or a camera. You can still join the Zoom meeting by telephone, although it’s so much better if you can see the faces and be seen.
Come join us!!

*** Please note change of clocks --> 8am ET is: UK is noon / Europe is 1pm / Israel and Bulgaria is 2pm.


Service Matters • March 2020