Planned, Prepared, Protected

Hi there GSA community !  [Anonymous] here.  I'm A & G today because I W & M 3 meals a day from the CGS, write those meals down, commit them to my sponsor and don't eat in between NMW !! Our family celebrated Thanksgiving last Sunday at our house and I am so grateful to have protected my abstinence; I "planned, prepared, and protect" -ed my abstinence just like you taught me.  Here's what I did:

  1. Had a number #10 breakfast as late as possible
  2. Decorated the dining room days in advance so I could enjoy the ambiance.
  3. Asked guests to bring the desserts
  4. Prepared all kinds of GSA vegtables in advance; going for color and for texture
  5. Placed all non GS foods at the opposite end of the dining table (away from me)
  6. Shared my plan with another GS person and called them just before we were to sit down to eat dinner.
  7. Called designated GS person after dinner clean up
  8. Asked others to help clear and scrape & wash
  9. Kept bowl of soapy water running in the sink to remind me to clean my fingers if any foods got on them
  10. Asked others to place leftovers in plastic containers prepared in advance for this purpose.  Placed items in brown paper sacks
  11. Use a lovely holiday goblet for holiday beverage like sparkling water and an abstinent sugar free XXX combination..very elegant
  12. Rent a favorite movie for later in the evening.
  13. Send all desserts and non GS leftovers home with guests in brown paper sacks.
  14. Make the last meal of the day a #10 favorite: such as using the traditional Thanksgiving day orange vegtable in some sort of baked sue-flay (can't spell)
  15. Thank God at nite for helping me remain abstinent another day.

I heard a woman in GS say "we need to learn how to be abstinent"  How true this is.  I am so very grateful the day went well and that I feel good about myself and I don't physically hurt from gorging on food like I used to.  I'm one of those COE who did not know when she was full...I only knew when I was stuffed.  Today W & M my food from the GS tells me when I am full enough.  Glad to be part of the GS community and I wish you all a very thankful Thanksgiving (remember: Don't give the day more power than it deserves !!)


Goodness Hangover
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