Goodness Hangover

'Tis the season for Goodness Hangovers.  Beware. These bothered me the first few years of abstinence on the greysheet, because I had not yet recovered fully from Career Dieting. The Goodness Hangover was the last phase of my Dieting Syndrome.  It usually happened when I had done very well on my diet, and then had to make an heroic effort at some event where all my binge foods were spread out in front of me.  I was very very strong and did not partake of this spread of goodies, and returned home congratulating myself on my will power and strength of character.  At that point, I was in the full bloom of the Goodness Hangover - I was just a magnificent, terrific person, completely changed - the eating problem was solved, and I would march into the sunset a thin woman at last. The next day dawned on terrible hunger.  I was literally clawing the walls for anything sweet, and never lasted longer than breakfast, where I began wolfing down anything sweet I could find.  By that evening, I was completely drunk on sugar, and knew I was a complete and total failure, never to rise from my fat again.

Thus would begin what the Big Book calls 'the sorry round' of food addiction. The first time in greysheet abstinence that I 'did lunch' with my old friends [I had been abstinent on the greysheet for over a year - I was a Seasoned Greysheet Veteran], I felt confident that this kind of thinking was a thing of the past.  Imagine my surprise when I woke up the day after 'doing lunch' wanting to eat everything in sight.  However, by then I knew what to do in any emergency: I called my sponsor, committed my food, told her about my cravings, and listened to her advise me to pray. What a concept!  I had forgotten . . . I could pray, and God would take away the craving.  God had been doing this for me for many months, and in one day, I had completely forgotten that there even was a God, much less that God was with me and could relieve my suffering. This is a God program.  Don't forget.  DENMW.
Love, Anonymous

Planned, Prepared, Protected

Hi there GSA community !  [Anonymous] here.  I'm A & G today because I W & M 3 meals a day from the CGS, write those meals down, commit them to my sponsor and don't eat in between NMW !! Our family celebrated Thanksgiving last Sunday at our house and I am so grateful to have protected my abstinence; I "planned, prepared, and protect" -ed my abstinence just like you taught me.  Here's what I did:

  1. Had a number #10 breakfast as late as possible
  2. Decorated the dining room days in advance so I could enjoy the ambiance.
  3. Asked guests to bring the desserts
  4. Prepared all kinds of GSA vegtables in advance; going for color and for texture
  5. Placed all non GS foods at the opposite end of the dining table (away from me)
  6. Shared my plan with another GS person and called them just before we were to sit down to eat dinner.
  7. Called designated GS person after dinner clean up
  8. Asked others to help clear and scrape & wash
  9. Kept bowl of soapy water running in the sink to remind me to clean my fingers if any foods got on them
  10. Asked others to place leftovers in plastic containers prepared in advance for this purpose.  Placed items in brown paper sacks
  11. Use a lovely holiday goblet for holiday beverage like sparkling water and an abstinent sugar free XXX combination..very elegant
  12. Rent a favorite movie for later in the evening.
  13. Send all desserts and non GS leftovers home with guests in brown paper sacks.
  14. Make the last meal of the day a #10 favorite: such as using the traditional Thanksgiving day orange vegtable in some sort of baked sue-flay (can't spell)
  15. Thank God at nite for helping me remain abstinent another day.

I heard a woman in GS say "we need to learn how to be abstinent"  How true this is.  I am so very grateful the day went well and that I feel good about myself and I don't physically hurt from gorging on food like I used to.  I'm one of those COE who did not know when she was full...I only knew when I was stuffed.  Today W & M my food from the GS tells me when I am full enough.  Glad to be part of the GS community and I wish you all a very thankful Thanksgiving (remember: Don't give the day more power than it deserves !!)



THANKS-giving = Gratitude, Dear G.S. People, [Anonymous] in Cambridge here.  I W & M 3 meals off the grey sheet (as interpreted by my sponsor regarding the microquestions about new products, maintenance amounts, days of flu and nausea, etc.) every day, write them down, commit them to my sponsor.  Abstinence is the most important thing in my life.  I have taken to printing out the greynet posts and reading them right before I go to sleep.  This simple act has ratcheted up my g.s. gratitude, as has the "three fold" holiday. I always feel very nostalgic and grateful on Thanksgiving, because it connects so clearly to my grey sheet abstinence.  First of all, Thanksgiving was "amateur day" for normals.  For me, the hell started when I was a fat kid.  I ate all day and then ate the meal and then counted the minutes until I could sneak back into the kitchen and attack the carcass (the inside of course).  Even the words of the meal's favorite carbs made me tingle with anticipation.  Who knows what guests we had at the table?  Later I tried to diet (as a teenager, I was on many diets and never understood why I kept "breaking out") during the big meal, but then I binged in secret later that night (and on into the night).  Christmas was the same.  The words "holiday" and "vacation" came to strike fear into my heart, because my cravings (I call them the Cyldesdale team of horses on speed--powerful and unwieldy) were turned up high, and once again, I was the fattest cousin at our family gatherings. I never knew what we know (and what they still do not get in all the diet stories in the media):
  1. Certain foods set up a craving for more.  Sugars, complex carbs.  THESE FOODS HAVE TO BE ELIMINATED COMPLETELY so that alcoholic food craving will go away.  As that hyper old exercise dude Jack Lelane said recently "I do not eat anything that man has made!"  We're close to that food plan.
  2. It's not about the weight; it's about the craving for more.  This connects to the "id," not the intellect.  It's deep, unconscious, nothing to do with "cutting back," "common sense" or getting thin for an occasion or a sweetie.  You are a C.O. or you aren't.  You can become one at any time in your life, but once you're a X you can't go back to being a Y (picture a certain raw veggie becoming a soaked spicy one).
  3. AMOUNTS, AMOUNTS, AMOUNTS!!!!  This is our biggest secret that they just don't get in the outside nutrition world.  Night grazing, staying up late, teens in front of computers, all that ongoing unconscious "snacking" takes a toll, and most people are in denial about it.  And as we all know, restaurant portion sizes have grown, along with American arses.  "The most spiritual thing I do every day is measure 4.0 ounces, and if it's 4.1, I take that piece off until it's 4 even."
This is incredibly spiritual, because of our daily NO MATTER WHAT.  Any daily discipline cuts through that day's very "important" plans and emotions to a deeper level of continuity and integrity and a gift that no one can take away.  It's the best intersection of reality (we are compulsive eaters who love food but who don't want to keep growing in size or unhealthy physical or mental deterioration year by year) and fantasy (loving food as pleasure, not a demon, being a normal size for without yo-yo-ing for a lifetime, being thin, and once you are, building a self you had only dreamed of).  I have done amazing things in my abstinence:  gotten a professional certificate, had three serious love affairs, formed a singing group that performed for eight years, published articles and book chapters, co-founded two political groups, buried my father, and moved my mother into assisted living.  That's only the outer resume.  Inside, I have become a bit more friendly, peaceful, aware of life on life's terms, and positive, largely thanks to my "nervous breakthrough" after eight years of abstinence.  Simple stuff, but "simple" and "daily" has been a challenge for someone with bipolar illness and depression all up and down her family tree.  "T'is a gift to be simple." My first Thanksgiving I was so proud because I ate all grey sheet foods (this was in 1978) and reported to my sponsor, who of course told me that wasn't abstinent because I didn't measure them.  The next year I did, but I was still not ready to take it all seriously and I would get a few days back-to-back and then eat.  I thought it was about losing weight.  In 1980, I was back-to-back and have been ever since.  I realized I could nickel & dime forever, and that you get back what you put in. I have spent Thanksgiving with tons of people, all by myself (often celebrating with my favorite German protein), and with a partner, candles, and place mats.  All are great, if I W & M. (Compared to what???? See paragraph two).  This year I will miss my last partner of over three years, but like others who have gone before me, I had to let him go.  Not because I'm perfect, or because he was abusive.  It didn't feel abstinent to be with someone I had to excuse, apologize for, prop up, and take all initiative with.  I cooked a lovely T-G dinner two years ago, and I dressed up in black velvet, and he was snoring through it all and couldn't be awakened.  He was sober but going to zero meetings, a smoker, depressed, overweight, and I joined Al-Anon and tried not to take his inventory.  But at one point, I "caught" his depression and I wasn't myself in g.s. meetings. As I heard someone else say, I deserve someone who is AT LEAST as interested in recovery as I am.  So this Thanksgiving, it will be real, it will be abstinent, it will have integrity.  My favorite new word at age 53. I have no opinion on my future, even though my feelings fluctuate.  That's what the third step is for, HP always provides stuff I never thought of.  My abstinence from bingeing and dieting and starving is the ONE thing that grey sheet promised, and I have gotten that.  It never promised a magical life.  For now, I'm singing more (my pre-abstinent "career" was street singing and temp typing), enjoying Al-Anon (thrive mode, not survive mode) and a spiritual church community, being a good daughter, enjoying my recovery job (20 yrs. there) while searching for another, and enjoying the tons of new people who are streaming in to our Cambridge meetings this year.  The Sunday 5 p.m. is a Goddess-send; the hour of the wolf for someone who has just left a relationship. In closing, Thanksgiving (with apologies to all Native Americans, who my ancestors royally messed over!) means giving thanks, i.e., gratitude.  And that is the key to being serene even without the outer resume (good job, any job, good partner, any partner).  The best day eating is so much worse than the worst day abstinent. But THE FOOD THE FOOD THE FOOD - - the main food holiday finds me and my G.S. People and I expect to wake in the morning intact, with integrity, a happy hungry stomach, and a clear mental slate, ready for our delicious breakfast.  When they put that stuff in front of you, if you're new, remember that they will be groaning later.  But others behavior is not my business.  The point is, BREAKFAST is the best revenge. If you're new, it's JUST ONE DAY.  You've done it before, you can to it today.  If you stay abstinent out of fear, go for it.  If you stay abstinent for the rewards of the craving getting quieter, go for it.  If you stay abstinent to fit into a dress at holiday time, go for it.  If you stay abstinent out of an appreciation for the horror of the alternative, go for it.  If you stay abstinent because you don't want to disappoint your g.s. friends, go for it.  It doesn't matter.  My first year, I realized that withdrawal was going to be an "initiation" period of discomfort and confusion and weak knees, but if I did it right once, I would never have to do it again.  And I haven't. In gratitude to you all on my 23rd abstinent Thanksgiving, 
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