Guidance on Use of Meeting Facilities


This document provides guidance to the fellowship on applying the Seventh Tradition when considering the use of meeting facilities.

GSA groups may meet in person in a physical building or may meet virtually either using a video meeting service or a telephone conference service.

Tradition Seven

Every GSA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

As self-supporting entities, GSA groups pay for the use of real or virtual space to conduct their meetings. Groups may pay the market rate for the space or service or may receive a discounted rate for not-for-profit entities or Twelve Step fellowship meetings including “pay what you can.”
Not paying for our meeting facilities may be interpreted as accepting a donation from an outside entity. In accordance with the Seventh Tradition, we accept donations only from GSA members.

Not paying for meeting facilities owned by a single GSA member may lead to a feeling of indebtedness to that member or to a difference in the perceived status of that member within the group and when the group is making decisions.

Best Practice

Groups collect donations from their members to cover their expenses. Expenses include paying for a meeting location or service. To ensure that all are equal within the group, the group avoids the use of services owned by a single member, such as a Zoom video account or conference phone line. Best practice with regard to virtual meeting services such as Zoom accounts and conference lines is for the group to use their intergroup’s account or to purchase their own account in the name of the group.

Changes to this Document

The originating committee and the Board of Trustees may make spelling, grammar, or formatting corrections to this document. The originating committee may make minor content changes to this document for clarity and to ensure it aligns with other GreySheeters Anonymous World Services decisions. The originating committee will follow the World Service Conference approval process for any substantive changes to the content.


Finance Committee: 11/6/2022
Chairs and ISRs: 2/11/2023
Board of Trustees: 2/19/2023
World Service Conference: 10/22/2023
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The originating committee will review this document annually to identify any necessary changes.

Download GSAWS Meeting Facilities Guidance 2023

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