Committees Connecting

Committees Connecting
Every Second Sunday November 2022 to October 2023
12:00 pm ET

Zoom Meeting ID: 663470166
Universal Passcode


Come hear what your World Service organization is working on to serve you and the next compulsive eater. The Communication Committee hosts this meeting where each of the committees presents their projects and proposals to the other committees and the fellowship at large. Committees want to hear your questions, suggestions, and concerns. In case you miss a month, links to the notes are published here 


Committees Connecting

The new World Service Conference starts its annual work cycle the month after its annual meeting. The default schedule is:

How We Will Implement Resolutions Adopted at the Last Conference Meeting

December:  Archives and Communication
January:  Conference and Finance 
February:  Literature and Nominating 
March:  Public Information and Structure
April:  Website and Board of Trustees

What We Will Propose at the Next Conference Meeting

May:  Archives and Communication
June:  Conference and Finance
July:  Literature and Nominating 
August:  Public Information and Structure  
September:  Website and Board of Trustees   
October:  World Service Conference Meeting

Committees may swap their month with another committee depending on when their proposals are ready for presentation.

Download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system for a monthly reminder


See notes from past Committees Connecting meetings.


Event Information

Event Date 07-09-2023
Location Zoom
Categories Service Events
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