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Service Matters - January 2023

Introducing the newest GreySheeters Anonymous Intergroup:

La Comunidad Hispana
(The Spanish Speaking Community)

Dear GSA Fellowship Worldwide, 

Have you felt that your abstinence and GSA recovery only benefit you?  Think again!  Every single time you weigh and measure your food, every time you say your mantra out loud, every time you participate in a GSA meeting, you are creating waves of energy that will eventually reach every compulsive eater, far and near.   

These last eighteen months have been nothing less than miraculous.  People who speak Spanish all over the world have gotten GreySheet abstinent.  In this short period, we got a unified Spanish translation of the GreySheet that works in Europe and America, we saw the birth of dozens of Zoom meetings and four live meetings, and we formed an intergroup.  There are no words to describe our gratitude. Mil gracias, greysheeteros del mundo!  Pase lo que pase, sin excepcion.  

Contact us!

Marcela, ISR, and Yami, ISR-Alt for La Comunidad Hispana Intergroup


WHO IS OUR MAILCHIMP EXPERT? We could really use your help. Please contact the communication committee at –
the rewards will be great!


Traditions and Concepts 2023

Kickoff: February 26, 1:00pm ET
The Communications Committee is excited to announce the reboot of Traditions and Concepts meetings for 2023. Instead of 12 monthly sessions, we will meet three times throughout the year, for 90 minutes each, covering 4 Traditions and their corresponding Concepts. Our focus will be on GSA members offering their experience, strength and hope with the application of these principles using actual examples and stories that bring the Traditions and Concepts to life.  After all, this is how we learn best in twelve step recovery! 

Why do we do this? Our integrity depends on the delegates of our World Service Conference having a solid foundation in the principles of our program. Most of us are familiar with the steps, but it is the traditions and concepts which help guide us as we work together as trusted servants in our community.
The Traditions and Concepts meetings will be held quarterly, at 1:00 PM ET, on the last Sunday of February, May and August:
Sunday, February 26 (Traditions & Concepts 1-4)
Sunday, May 21 (T&C 5-8)
Sunday, Aug 27th (T&C 9-12)
While these meetings are primarily for new and returning GSRs and other delegates to the WSC, all are welcome to attend!


January Board of Trustees Column

Blessings to everyone! Hoping for a joyous New Year filled with gratitude and yummy abstinent meals!
My name is Joey, and I am a compulsive eater. Today, I take responsibility for my actions. That means I weigh and measure my meals off the GreySheet, I write them, I call and commit to my sponsor at a specific time that we both arranged, and I Don’t Eat No Matter What.
Surrender, acceptance, gratitude, and service are the cornerstone of my GreySheet recovery. I am honored to be a trusted servant as one of your board of trustees since 2019. Being of service opened myself to look at the opportunity to be a better person. As I learned from the rooms, “When we get busy, we get better.”
Our first GSAWAS Townhall of 2023 is on January 29 at 11:00am ET.  The focus is on our GreySheet Abstinence: Clarification and Sponsor Guidelines. This is the time for anyone in our community to ask any GreySheet related questions about the Clarification of GreySheet report.
Here is a bit of history about the report. In 2017, GSAWS Board of Trustees commissioned the GreySheet Committee as a response to concerns about the increasing variations on how GreySheet abstinence was interpreted. Each member had at least 20 years of back-to-back GreySheet abstinence and many of them became abstinent in the original Cambridge community. They were asked with capturing in writing the oral tradition of the Cambridge GreySheet community and providing a report the board. The committee focused on three important tasks: a) the definition of GreySheet abstinence; b) provide guidelines for sponsors to support this clarified definition; and c) make recommendations for how the clarification and guidelines might be used by GreySheeters Anonymous. The committee met twice a month from January 2018 and after being approved by the board, the report was approved for distribution to the community via our Group Service Representatives and Intergroup Service Representatives at the 2019 World Service Conference.
We are also launching the GSAWS Internal Facebook account. The Seventh Tradition committee gained approval in 2021 from the GSAWS Board of Trustees, to establish an GSAWS Internal Facebook account because it continues to reach a larger number of people in GreySheet than other services. The committee believes that if existing GreySheet members are aware of the value of the services provided by GSAWS, the community will support us with their time and donations.  The committee’s monthly meetings focused on how social media can enhance the effectiveness of our primary purpose – to stay abstinent and help the next compulsive eater. The internal Facebook group and its descriptions, members, and posts are invisible to users other than members of the group.
Hoping to see you wonderful GreySheeters at our next Town Hall. Mark your calendar - January 29 at 11:00am EST. Zoom link:
For more Information, Click on this link:
Again, this is Joey - one of your trusted servants signing off. Enjoy your delicious meals. For me, breakfast is coming. Abstinent and Grateful!


Is your Voice Heard?

Group Service Representatives are your voice in decisions that affect you, your group, and GSA as a whole.
There are 140 groups around the world serving our approximately 1000 members.
Only 69 groups have elected a GSR. Less than 50%.
Only 24 GSRs connect with World Service.

Does your group have a GSR?
Elect one and register with GSA World Services.


A New Intergroup

GSA World Services is growing! We have approximately 400 Spanish-speaking GreySheeters Anonymous members. They have registered eight new Spanish-language groups and formed an intergroup. The new Comunidad Hispana intergroup offers services to Spanish-speaking GreySheeters including;
  • Telegram channels for community announcements and literature study
  • Retreats, Round Ups, and social gatherings in the USA, Mexico, Spain, and Israel
  • Podcasts, YouTube, and Twitch audio of qualifications
  • WhatsApp groups for literature and group sharing
  • Holiday meeting marathons
  • Translations of GreySheeters Anonymous Conference Approved Literature
  • Spanish GreySheets both printed and digital
  • Zoom account
One of their groups is the International Speakers Group that meets on Sundays at 7:30am ET. The group typically invites a long-time abstinent English speaking GSer to qualify and offers translation. If the speaker agrees, the group publishes the English / Spanish qualification on their podcast and streaming services. This is one of the ways they are ensuring a strong connection with the larger GreySheeters Anonymous community. Contact

Upcoming Recovery Events

Los Angeles Grey Sheet Fellowship Weekend
 01-27-2023 to 01-29-2023
 Hollywood, California
Camp GSA Texas
05-05-2023 to 05-07-2023
Camp Olympia

London Round Up 
05-06-2023 to 05-07-2023
Retiro GSA Bilingüe - Madrid 7 al 10 de Septiembre de 2023
(Madrid Spanish & English GSA Retreat)
 09-07-2023 to 09-10-2023
 Casa de Ejercicios Cristo Rey
Find out all the details on our website:


GreySheeters Anonymus World Service

2022 Direct 7th Tradition Donations Taget - $42,000


2023 Town Halls

Everyone’s chance to ask any question, raise any concern, make any suggestion about anything that affects GreySheeters Anonymous as a whole.

You can even submit your item anonymously to

Last Sunday of January, April, July at 11am ET

Presentations by:
January 29: New York Metro Intergroup, Western States Intergroup, European Intergroup
April 30: Southern Central Intergroup, Israeli Intergroup, Icelandic Intergroup
July 30: Connecticut Intergroup, Phone Bridge Intergroup, NorthEast Intergroup, La Comunidad Hispana Intergroup
Special Town Hall Topics:
January 29: GreySheet Committee Report (2020): GreySheet Abstinence: Clarifications and Sponsor Guidelines. What is it and what am I supposed to do with it?
April 30: Twenty-five years as our own Twelve Step Fellowship: Let’s celebrate GreySheeters Anonymous’ silver anniversary
July 30: GreySheet Counts census: Why should I participate in our five-year census?


Why Should I care About the World Service Conference?

Some of the decisions your World Service Conference delegates have made since 2013:

  1. The GreySheet is GreySheeters Anonymous Conference Approved Literature and will never be edited except for legally required changes
  2. Publish and distribute the 2020 report of the GreySheet Committee: GreySheet Abstinence: Clarifications and Sponsor Guidelines.
  3. Groups are GreySheeters Anonymous Groups if they only use Conference Approved Literature in their meetings
  4. Adopt all A.A. Literature as Conference Approved Literature
  5. The book Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of GreySheeters Anonymous is Conference Approved Literature
  6. The Cambridge Group Purpose is Conference Approved Literature
  7. Adopt and adapt the A.A. Twelve Steps, Traditions, and Concepts for World Service and both versions of the A.A. Preamble
  8. Use term “compulsive eater” instead of “compulsive overeater” in written materials
  9. Who can be a World Service Conference delegate
  10. Who can be a Trustee, an ISR, or a GSR
  11. How much any one person can donate to GSA World Services
  12. What we will publish on our website
  13. How the World Service Conference will make decisions
  14. We will use social media to reach the public
If your group has a GSR, she or he will let you know when these kinds of decisions are being considered so you can express your opinion. Once you know these decisions are under discussion, you can attend your intergroup meeting to make sure your ISR knows your opinion, too. You can attend the monthly Committees Connecting meetings to make sure the responsible committee knows your opinion. You can also express your opinion at a quarterly Town Hall. If you can’t attend a meeting, you can email the committee chair. If you aren’t hearing from your GSR or ISR about the important decisions your World Service Conference is making this year, ask!

GreySheeters Anonymous will Celebrate our Silver Anniversary

April 6th, 2023
We invite you to the Fiesta!
Please join the fun of preparing for our global Fiesta to celebrate our first 25 years as a Fellowship!
La Comunidad Hispana is hosting multilingual practice sessions on Zoom every week. We want every single GreySheeters Anonymous member to feel comfortable with Zoom’s simultaneous interpretation feature. Then we can all come together for our De Gris a Plata / From Grey to Silver Fiesta next year.
Saturdays at 12:30 pm EST
Sundays at 7:30 am EST

Join the multilingual global share!
Zoom Meeting ID: 828 3976 4912 Universal passcode


Help GSA Reach Compulsive Eaters Who SPeak ALL Lanuages

Join La Comunidad Hispana, our newest intergroup, as they practice translating GSA World Services meetings into multiple languages. Then they will teach the rest of us!

Saturdays 1200 EST

Sundays 0730 EST

Zoom ID 828 3976 4912 GSA Passcode

Every Sunday at 7:30am EST and every Saturday at noon EST, La Comunidad Hispana will meet on our Zoom account to use the simultaneous interpretation feature. We sincerely hope many of you will come and help us learn how to bring GSA people who speak many different languages under the same roof to listen to the same message.

  • If you are an English speaker who is comfortable using the Zoom hosting features, please join us to learn how to start the interpretation session, designate the interpreter, and switch back to main audio.
  • If you are fluent in two languages, please join us to learn how to be the designated interpreter.
  • No matter what language you speak, if you are comfortable leading a meeting, please join us to learn how to teach other participants how to select the language they want to hear using the waiting room and the chat features.
  • Everyone who is interested in participating in any of our celebration events on Zoom, please join us to experience the simultaneous interpretation features in action. Zoom simultaneous interpretation and recording works best on a computer rather than a tablet or phone.

More information: Email in English or Spanish.


Service Matters - December 2022
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