I am abstinent today off the Grey Sheet.  I weigh and measure three meals a day, commit them to my sponsor and don't eat in between no matter what.  What does no matter what mean?  It means that my abstinence comes first in every single situation.  There is nothing that can ever be improved by my picking up the food, and everything can be made worse if I do.  I have gone through travel of all kinds, three pregnancies, moving, grieving, disappointment, joy, lots of school and work, and all without needing to pick up a bite.  I was told in the beginning that there are a thousand reasons to eat but no excuses.  That really made sense to me.  If we pick up, it is because we are compulsive overeaters, and the disease lies in wait for us.  I choose to let it keep waiting indefinitely, for today! I have lots of tricky financial stuff to deal with at the moment, and it is producing anxiety to the point of triggering a stress-related stomach problem I have suffered from for many years.  Whenever this problem arises, I am reminded that I am letting fear rule, and I need to slow down and work the program harder.  So here is my post to remind myself that feelings aren't facts, and that I have a HP who has always taken care of me if I do the footwork. First of all, I need to stay abstinent.  Second, I need to take appropriate steps to fill out the scary forms I have to complete, including asking for help when needed.  It will all get done, a day at a time, if I stay abstinent. Thanks for being there for me, and DENMW!
Anonymous in DC

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