Service Matters - October 2022

How Important is WSC 2022 Participation?

Are you a delegate to World Service Conference 2022? How important is your participation on Sunday October 23rd?

Our 2018 census estimated that there were approximately 1200 GreySheeters in 24 countries around the world. We will never be a mass movement! Lest you think that we undercounted, this total includes estimates by GSRs and ISRs for the number of their members who did not complete the census form. It also includes approximately 50 people who consider themselves GreySheeters but not members of GreySheeters Anonymous.

Now we believe that it’s possible GreySheeters Anonymous has grown to approximately 1500 members in 30 countries.

These 1500 members belong to 133 registered groups. And yet only 32 groups have registered delegates to the conference. With nine ISRs and nine Trustees, that means 50 delegates will make 15 different decisions that affect all 1500 GreySheeters Anonymous members.

Some of these decisions are consequential – like what kinds of events will we endorse and make available to the world via our website? Who gets to vote on matters that affect GreySheeters Anonymous as a whole? Will we make our literature available to Spanish speakers?

Fifty delegates are the group conscience for the fellowship as it exists today and for those suffering compulsive eaters who may find us in the future.


Upcoming Meetings

All Interested GreySheeters Welcome!

Each of these meetings is an opportunity to expand your recovery by learning more about the framework that guides our work together. If you’re a delegate, you’ll want to clear your calendar and attend each of these meetings. This is how we get essential information and guidance for giving our best to the groups we serve.

- Committees Connecting meeting ID: 663 470 166 on Sunday, Oct. 9 at Noon PM ET


GSR Training

Ever wondered about serving your group as their Group Service Representative (GSR)? GSRs play a vital role connecting their groups to our GSA service structure. 

All current or new GSRs and all those interested in learning more invited. Registration requested but not required:

The first Sunday in January, April, July and November at 10 AM ET on Zoom ID 856 3998 6995 with GSA passcode.
The first Tuesday in January, April, July and November at 6 PM ET on Zoom ID 838 9475 2685 with GSA passcode.

Download Materials

Questions? or 832 856 1058


GreySheeters Anonymous World Services

Share the Vision - Monthly Board of Trustees Liaison Report

September 18, 2022

GSA World Services Vision:
Whenever anyone, anywhere realizes they have a problem with food, they think of GreySheet.
Update of Four Core Functions of GSA World Services that Accomplish our Vision:

Integrity of the GreySheet Program

  • 2022 GreySheet emailed to all GSRs and ISRs for distribution with Clarifications (including the FAQs) to qualified sponsors. Sponsors to distribute 2022 GreySheet and Clarifications to sponsees. No other version of GreySheet to be distributed electronically. Hard copies still ordered by sponsors from their intergroups. Intergroups obtain supplies without charge from GSA World Services. Only GSAWS-designated agents may print hard copy GreySheets.
  • Board of Trustees submitted 2022 revision of the By-Laws to WSC2022.


  • SHADES OF GREY: Finalized new foreword and adopted practical plan for reprinting the book. Design is underway for new cover with new GSA logo.

Public Information

  • No report


  • No report


Upcoming Events:

• Required Delegate Training #2
  o Sunday October 2 at 10am ET Zoom 819 6663 2185
  o Monday October 3 at 5pm ET Zoom 820 2249 9514
  o We have 130 registered groups around the world. 60 have elected GSRs. 32 of them have registered as delegates for the World Service Conference in October. Is your  group represented? 

• Start Up Sponsor Team Training 
   o Abstinence requirement: 1 year; Service requirement: 1 year  
   o Email Cathy F. at for the registration link


Upcoming Recovery Events

 • Mexico City Retreat October 21-23, 2022 

• Tel Aviv Round Up April 22-23, 2023 

• Men’s Retreat in New Jersey 
   o October 14-16, 2022 
   o More information: 

• 32nd Annual NYC Round Up 
   o Sunday, November 13, 2022 at 1pm-4:15pm ET Zoom 
   o More information:

• London Round Up 
   o May 5-6, 2023 
   o More information email: 


GreySheet Anonymous World Service

2022 Direct 7th Tradition Donations Target - $42,000

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