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I love this story and it could fit into big and embarrassing too. I just think of it so fondly. I was about 5-6 months abstinent. I had a job at the time where I traveled and in this case I was going to a conference in Chicago. I was speaking at a convention for my job. It was huge and I had a teleprompter and someone directing, etc. I was terrified and newly abstinent. I was with people from work and they were supportive, but still didn't really get it. My part was small but because I was part of the "show" and my business was considered an important client of some of these groups, I was asked to sit at the main table with all the VP's from various companies. There went the safety net of the people I knew from work! I went into the kitchen and w and m'd my food and they carried it out for me. I had all this extra stuff I needed in my bag and kept pulling stuff out. This guy sitting next to me was a big (body builder looking) guy who was the VP of AT&T. He was commenting on how well I was taking care of myself and eating "healthy". So as time went on someone dropped their utensil and was trying to get the waitress's attention and the guy next to me yells across the table, "Don't worry about the waitress, she (pointing to me) has everything in that bag of tricks under the table, I am sure she can pull out a utensil for you." UGH. We all laughed... The next day we were all at a cocktail party (this was your basic boondoggle) and a waitress walked up to me with a plate full of snacks and I hear a voice yell from across the room "Don't waste your time with her, she doesn't eat that anything on that tray". Embarrassing? Yah, kind of because I was new, but this guy was a sweetheart and a healthy body building type. I could tell he wasn't saying anything out of malice, which is when I get triggered by it. 


I have a couple of restaurant stories, but one my husband reminded me. He and I were at a restaurant and I was w&m'g my food and a waitress yelled across the room. "I can't believe you're weighing your food". YIKES... I couldn't believe she would say it. 


This wasn't my biggest, but it was hard. We were on our honeymoon and English was not the first language. I was only a couple of years abstinent and restaurants weren't my thing. We did have a kitchen in our suite, which was great, and went grocery shopping. We were tortured by the labels. None was in English. Then we went to a restaurant thinking we'd have a romantic dinner and I ordered my food. He brought it out and I couldn't eat it. I would return it and gently try to explain and he'd say he understood and then bring another one out almost the same problem. 3 times this happened and again I asked. This also activated my people pleasing because I had an expectation of romantic and now I was talking to the waiter and then the manager with tears in my eyes. I just wanted to give up... As it happened the manager did understand English better and I got what I needed... UGH ... painful. We didn't go out a lot on our honeymoon needless to say. 


(Anytime I think I don't have to make a call, I have to tell on myself. That is always dangerous to me.) I did have a time when I had gum surgery, one of the many, and the stitches popped and my mouth filled with blood at about 3/4 in the morning. I sat up all morning waiting for my husband to wake up because I didn't know what to do. I couldn't stop the bleeding. Needless to say, I had the emergency number of my Dr. and called him (husband did) at 4am. I couldn't talk. SO he said to meet him at 8:00 am in the office. What to do for 4 hours? So my mom came over and brought me and all I could think of was what was going to happen and would I be able to eat my breakfast. I couldn't call anyone because it was so early. My mouth kept filling up with blood and I had cotton in there. My mom brought me and as it worked out, I was numbed and out of the office by 9:30 and able to have breakfast. PANIC. I knew I could have had my mom call someone and I think she did and be on stand by, but I definitely didn't want to miss a meal.

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