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Probably the biggest was on my sailing trip last year when I was miserably seasick for days on end, couldn't hold food down and didn't have a way to call anyone. The Captain of the boat was pleading with me to eat Xs and sip soda with sugar. I was imagining that I'd have to be airlifted off the boat and fed intravenously. Fortunately, I had worked out some of these possibilities with my sponsor beforehand - though I had never imagined that it would be as horrendous as it was. But during the whole time, I really got to examine what NMW meant to me. 


My husband and I had spent a long day at Mystic Seaport - much longer than I wanted to be there. I was tired, bored, starving and it was pouring rain. We went to a Chinese restaurant and there was a vegetable on my plate that I wasn't sure was GS. I was pretty sure, but my cell phone was in the car and I just was NOT going to go out and get it. My husband kept telling me I had to call my sponsor and I refused. He went and got my cell phone and dialed her number. The vegetable, it turned out, was on GS - but what was dangerous was my attitude. 


Hmmm - there are so many. Here's one. I brought my favorite salad dressing (X with garlic) in a jar to a restaurant and then dropped it on the floor. The glass broke into many pieces and the dressing oozed everywhere. We were sitting by the doorway and I was trying to clean up my mess. "More napkins, please! More, please!" It took forever and everyone was tripping over me as I was cleaning up the mess. Plus it was a Mexican restaurant, and my dressing made the whole area around me smell like a Greek diner. 


So many times my husband, who can make disparaging comments about me doing GS, has been my GS angel in times of needs. Combining heartwarming with funny, one time I dropped a red fruit in a restaurant, which went rolling under a nearby table. We were with another gentleman and the two of them went diving for it. I just loved seeing two grown men on their hands and knees under someone else's table on my behalf.

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