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I came into GreySheet abstinent on another food plan. My body had started feeling too full and bloated when eating grains and starch so I switched to greysheet and have been back-to-back greysheet abstinent for just over a year. My situation is a little unusual in that I've been mostly homebound this past year and a half. This means I have not eaten out in a restaurant or traveled on greysheet. I have weighed and measured at home in front of guests and eaten different food than they were eating, but I haven't had any really embarrassing moments. I have taken meals with me when I have to be out for any length of time or going, for instance, to a holiday party. I will be eating at a restaurant next Monday and plan to bring my scale and some back-up. For some reason I am anxious about this even though I have lots of experience weighing and measuring in restaurants with my other plan. Greysheet really steps up the expectation and the surrender. 


Sometimes, on my sicker days, the idea of eating is really repugnant. Other days I don't have the energy to want to prepare my meals. I've learned in this program that we do the things that are good for us whether we want to or not no matter what. There has also been a lot of drama (very unpleasant, scary, and endless drama) over the past few years with our youngest daughter. In the past I would have eaten or inappropriately not eaten over these things. The one NMW I can remember happened when this same, 18-year-old daughter called to say she was in the hospital. My impulse was to rush out to arrive as soon as possible. Instead I took the time to weigh and measure my food for dinner and pack it up to take with me. I don't do anyone any good when I don't protect my abstinence. I have dropped food and picked it up. I have spilled oil in my salad and had to start over. All part of the learning process and most likely everyday experiences on this GS plan. I get major cognitive symptoms along with my chronic fatigue syndrome and I have several times measured the wrong amount of veggies or protein. Thank you, God, I caught it both times before I ate much and was able to subtract the extra.

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